The Salt for my Soul of today is here to share how I live a more rewarding, harmonious and joyous life, specifically how I:

Raise and maintain my vibration at a high level
Integrate “spiritual” concepts into my life in a practical way
Recognize, embrace and understand synchronicity
Walk seamlessly between the worlds of the mundane and the divine.

Hopefully by reading about my path it will awaken something in you that will help you find your truth.



  1. Hello A.J.

    Thank you for your photographs of Cuchama (and your journey there). I’m sure it will resonate well.

    In 2011, I was Writer-In-Residence at Gloucester Writers Center and finishing the second draft of my screenplay “Cuchama Knee Walk.” In keeping with Cuchama’s ancient role as a pilgrimage and vision-quest point, the mountain (in the film) again provides the setting for a modern pilgrimage with extremely arduous conditions… and a huge potential outcome for the two men who succeed. I gave a public reading from the script in March of that year – with most listeners finding it hard to believe modern people would undertake such a rigourous test. Later I gave a copy of the screenplay to Mexican filmmaker Pedro Ultreras, who found it not only believable but also likely.

    While over the past 15 years or so I have explored the mountain via aerial photography, topo and road maps, satellite imagery as well as through personal anecdote (such as that of Evans-Wentz) it is rather odd that until recently there have been almost no photographs except from a distance. Perhaps it is the relative difficulty by many folks to take photos (or take them successfully) in a sacred place.

    Your photographs are very helpful. My concerns about the terrain and additional obstacles it may pose for the location film crew have been partly allayed by your account. You make it seem more do-able. My deep intention is to re-inspire confidence (via the film) in the power of sacrificial pilgrimage… as well as the direct benefit for others as confirmed for centuries by the indigenous people of this region (which once knew no “international border”).

    The Cochame, Huichol & other indigenous peoples quietly used that site for millenia. I’m not sure how the presence nowadays of the Border Patrol discourages such necessary natural journeys. I hope not at all, but the presence of their observation post and communications towers may throw people off. As one monk in Ireland puts it (a man who spends many hours attempting to dissuade cell phone towers on sacred hills there) “With all that noise from the towers, how can the mountains hear what they are saying to one another?”

    For the past dozen years I’ve led annual pilgrimages to a similarly focal sacred mountain in Ireland (Cnoc Fírinne). The tradition of springtime pilgrimage to propitiate an ancient in-dwelling energy goes back to around 3000 BC… soon after immigrants from eastern Europe established the first successful colony in Ireland. The traditional pilgrimage of taking offerings to the summit (in that case, to “The God of Storms” or otherwise “The God of Death”) has been continuous there up until the 1950’s… when a local Catholic priest stopped them. I (usually accompanied by others) resumed the annual walks in 2004 – with the understanding that the intention to propitiate and honour has great consequences for particularly the farmers of that region.

    The actual ancient pilgrimage pathway up Cnoc Fírinne (“Hill of Truth”) is so worn-down through 5000 years of ritual walks that the path has been compressed down to more than a metre below the surrounding fields. It is quite influential. I received my inspiration for “Cuchama Knee Walk” on the eve of such an annual walk in 2010.

    I trust your continued curiousity will lead you to more good places.

    Be well,
    MIchael Cerulli Billingsley
    Irish Spiritual Heritage Association

    p.s. you might want to check out this 1989 drawing (based upon a 1976 painting) by my friend Eric Green. It speaks to some of the points you raise.

  2. Love the divine timing of this place/universe!
    On holidays up the East Coast of Australia & loving reading your words..
    Thank you 🙂

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