Mastication and How It Can Change Your Life

photo white crowned sparrowIf I told you that you could change only one thing about the way you eat, still eat the foods that you are already eating and lose weight ,would you believe me?  This isn’t just about improving your health or body weight.  It’s about raising and maintaining your vibration.

The one change is in how you chew your food, known as mastication. Let me tell you first how I got down this rabbit hole as I don’t normally write about health and nutrition. This all began with my desire to reacquaint myself with the Universal Laws and Hermeticism. I read The Kybalion again and then did some research on other books on Hermetic teachings. One of the books that I found is Science of Being by Eugene Fersen, originally published in 1923. On the surface, it’s about the same topics as The Kybalion. The name alone was fascinating to me so I got my hands on a copy.

Where the Kybalion is a bit philosophical, Science of Being is practical. It’s broken down into a number of lessons and is a really easy read. Lesson three is about Matter and that is where I learned a new word, mastication and found mention of a guy named Horace Fletcher.

Fletcher was known for teaching mastication; that is chewing your food properly. His story is very compelling in that he wrote several books on the topic of health and nutrition and was known to do feats of strength at an advanced age that were superior to college athletes at the time. His most well known book was first published in 1913. I ordered it but didn’t want to wait to try out what I had already read about online regarding proper chewing of food.

I recalled reading The Celestine Prophecy years ago where there’s mention of eating slowly and extracting the energy from food. Fletcher’s teachings are pretty much the same concept. In all likelihood, it was Fletcher’s teachings that inspired that section of The Celestine Prophecy. You can tell from the way Fletcher explains certain things that he was a very spiritual man. He’s not just a scientist who created a fad diet. He truly believed that by eating the way he described, you would stay more in tune with Nature. It is that alone that really pulled me in to his work.

I dabbled with the concept of slow chewing as I awaited the arrival of Fletcher’s book. I was actually at a barbecue eating spare ribs when the realization started to hit me. It’s amazing what you notice about your food when you’re eating slow and chewing thoroughly. Spare ribs are naturally fatty and when you attempt to really chew, you notice all sorts of textures and flavors that you never noticed before. And some of them, like the high percentage of animal fat are textures you probably didn’t ever want to notice! I did my best that day to eat slowly. I definitely ate less than I normally would have due to the slow chewing and I was perfectly satisfied.

I’d been eating like this for two weeks when I decided to write this article. In that time I noticed an incredible difference in not only how I feel, but how I look. There is no doubt in my mind that there is something to this “slow chewing” thing.

If you’re intrigued, try this the next time you’re hungry:

  • Make sure you have at least a half hour where you won’t be interrupted. You don’t want to have to even talk to someone while you’re doing this.
  • Get a grapefruit and prepare it as you wish. It does need to be in pieces that you can chew. I just cut around the edges to break it from the skin, then slice it up like you’d do so with a pizza and remove it with a spoon into a bowl. If you want to be meticulous about separating the flesh from the skin that holds it together, be my guest.
  • Eat it slowly. And by slowly, I’m talking SLOWLY.
  • Chew it until it is the consistency of apple sauce in your mouth AND until you stop noticing the flavor in it. It will take a while, particularly the flavor part.
  • Don’t swallow any of it until the above is complete.

You’ll notice a few things after a couple bites:

  • You probably took smaller bites as you went once you realized how much work is involved in chewing.
  • Your mouth will water considerably with saliva. True, the sour nature of a grapefruit is partly the reason. But you’d notice this with even the mildest food if you decide to continue on this path.
  • The flavor takes a while to disappear.

If in the process you need to swallow some to keep from gagging or choking, by all means do so. If you choose to eat in this manner moving forward, you’ll learn how to handle this properly.

Once you’re done, you’ll be shocked at how long the process took. And you’ll also notice how full you are from eating just a piece of fruit that seems to be mostly water.

Imagine if you ate everything like this. You would absolutely eat less food. And don’t you think that if you ate less food, you’d spend less money on food and you’d lose weight? I know some would counter this by saying then you wouldn’t get enough nutrition. If you’re drawn to that school of thought, then that’s probably the right one for you. But I don’t want to care about calories and carbs versus protein. I just want to eat what I crave and feel good.

So go with how you feel. I’m astounded at how little food I need to maintain my energy level. And the process has also changed what I eat. Remember what I said about eating ribs and animal fat? When faced with the prospect of chewing fat over and over, I’m now much more inclined to eat fruit or vegetables rather than a piece of meat. I won’t go as far as saying I’m vegetarian, but I really don’t crave meat the way I once did. And I only notice positive aspects of how I feel and my energy level.

If you choose to incorporate this into your life, I will warn you that the first week is tough! You have to consider that changing the way you currently eat is like breaking an addiction. Your body will initially resist just like if you decided to quit smoking or stop drinking coffee. So you might not want to dive in head first.  I went in head first but I was already eating pretty healthy. Now I still eat pretty healthy but I eat way less food and I can’t remember the last time I felt bloated or had indigestion.

This is only a very small portion of Fletcher’s teachings. I wrote it to expose you to the idea so you can try it. If it resonated with you, I strongly recommend getting a copy of Fletcherism, What It Is: or, How I Became Young at Sixty.

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  1. nice information thank you i appreciated it 🙂

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