The Heliacal Rising of Sirius

photo anubisThe Heliacal Rising of Sirius is the day that the star Sirius rises before the Sun. This event was of incredible importance to the ancient Egyptians. It occurs on July 26 in Egypt and varies depending on your latitude.  The day prior to the Heliacal Rising of Sirius is known as The Day Out of Time.

Most know the constellation Orion when they see it in the sky as Orion’s belt is easily recognized. There is a direct correlation to what you physically see in the sky and the Egyptian story of Osiris and Isis. The short version of the Osiris story is that Osiris was killed, but then Isis came and brought him back to life. Correlating that to the stars in the sky, Osiris is Orion and Isis is Sirius. When Sirius rises, it equates to Isis coming to bring Osiris back to life. It was also the event that foreshadowed the rising of the Nile which brought about abundance to the Egyptians. There is also the story of creation that is shared by many different groups, like the Dogon tribe. The Dogon emphatically believe that they were seeded by beings from Sirius.

What many people don’t realize is that the Heliacal Rising of Sirius was also a big moment for the astronauts aboard Apollo 11. Recognizing that Sirius would rise at a different time on the Moon, did you know that the landing of Apollo 11 was perfectly timed to the exact moment when the Heliacal Rising of Sirius would occur AND at precisely the spot where they would see it? The story is told that Buzz Aldrin did a short ceremony and had communion as soon as they landed; a fact recreated by HBO in their Apollo 11 series.

Another interesting thing about the Heliacal Rising of Sirius is in the story of the constellation Orion(aka Osiris). The scorpion that stung Orion is the constellation Scorpius. When Zeus decided to grant Orion eternal life in the heavens he also placed the scorpion that ended his Earthly life on the opposite end of the sky. If you are familiar with Astronomy, you know that Summer is when Scorpius becomes incredibly prominent in the Southern sky at night. It completely dominates the sky. It sets in the middle of the night and then Orion rises. You never see both in the night sky at the same time yet they are two of the most prominent constellations.

Lastly, the image at the top is of Anubis and King Tut. It intrigued me because of the white color of the ankh he’s holding. Anubis plays a huge role in the Egyptian Book of the Dead which is in essence the story of death, the afterlife and resurrection. It might also be fitting to draw a parallel to the “dog days of Summer”, the dog star Sirius and Anubis the canine headed god.

This is the fantastic site where I got the image from:

If Ancient Egypt interests you, you’ll find something you like there.

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  1. This made me do a double take…… a few years ago, I had an experience on a shamanic journey with a medicinal plant known as San Pedro. I felt like “Sirius” was talking to me and telling me that I was from that system. Only now do I learn that there is a connection with Isis! She is one of my primary guides!

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