Lucid Dreams and the Lessons Within

Dreamy Anna's Hummingbird

A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. If you’ve experienced this, you know how powerful it can be. In essence, you are in two dimensions simultaneously.

The skeptics claim that a lucid dream is only a dream that occurs while you’re partially awake. I’d venture to say that the people who give that sort of explanation have never experienced a real lucid dream.

I’ve had lots of lucid dreams, most being cases where I was worried about something in the dream and then reminded myself that it was only a dream and that eventually I’d wake up. For instance, I’ve had a recurring dream where I’m in school again and didn’t prepare for a test. At some point, I’d remember that I already graduated from college and wondered why I was worried about passing a college test.

But then I had a lucid dream that was different than any other. The difference is that I had full control and awareness that I could just end the dream whenever I wanted by doing a simple act. One really interesting aspect of this dream is that I attempted to document it as soon as I awoke. I use a journalling app called MacJournal(which is fantastic by the way). When I have an interesting dream, I type out as much as I remember as soon as I get up. I awoke from this dream in the middle of the night and immediately typed out a rather thorough description of it. I went back to sleep, woke up for the day and the entry was gone! It’s not the first time that has happened, but its not like it happens every day. Fortunately, I recollected all of the details and was able to recreate the entry.

The Lucid Dream
I was driving alone at night in the neighborhood where I grew up. It’s a typical suburban neighborhood, but all of the details that I recall were there. I could see the street lights in exactly the same place I remember them being. Even the curbs were the same height as I remember. I didn’t have awareness of where I was going or whose car I was driving. It all seemed perfectly natural. I was able to see through the windshield and out the passenger window clearly.

I arrived at the house I grew up in, and in which my Father still lives. It was exactly the same as it is “in real life”. I pulled up next to the driveway and looked up to see if there were any cars parked near the garage. I couldn’t see up the driveway. It was completely blocked by a 6 foot or so pile of leaves. I wondered at that moment why someone would pile leaves in front of the driveway. It didn’t seem to make any sense since there was plenty of curb space nearby. I was the chief leave gatherer for many years growing up and I could imagine my Dad’s reaction if I decided to block the driveway like that!

I decided then to back up and park on the street where I’d normally park when I visit. I turned to look over my right shoulder to back up but I couldn’t see anything. In 3D, I wear contacts/glasses and my vision was comparable to if I was attempting to do this without contacts or glasses in 3D. I could see in general what was there, but it was hard to make out details. I reached up and took my glasses off and then put on my prescription sunglasses; the exact ones I have in 3D. My vision was the same, and even a little foggier.

I then turned back around and looked down at my dashboard to shift into reverse. The dashboard was similar to the one on the first car I ever owned, where the shifter was on the steering column. But then I noticed that the lights on my dashboard were off. I couldn’t tell whether I was shifting into reverse or not. I tried shifting a few times but nothing happened.

I then just thought, “this sucks, I want out.” It wasn’t a nightmare, uncomfortable or anything. It was just boring and I wanted to do something different. To this point, the thought never came to me that I was dreaming. It seemed perfectly real. I very distinctly remember telling myself I was dreaming and I just needed to wake up. Still in my car, I closed my eyes and clenched them together very tightly. I popped them open saying out loud, “wake up!”. Every time I opened my eyes I expected to see what I’d see when I open my eyes at home in bed. When I’d open them in the dream, I was still looking down at my darkened dashboard. It took two or three tries before I did it and woke up!

The dream sequence was still very much in my memory, no different than if I really had that experience a minute prior.

The Lesson
The message that immediately came to me once I was awake is that this works in 3D as well. If something is less than excellent, you can just convince yourself that its all a dream, close your eyes tightly and say, “wake up!” It might take a few tries but eventually you will “wake up” from whatever less than excellent experience you are in.

The other thing that came to me was that its important to practice this in mundane circumstances BEFORE something turns terrible. In my dream, it wasn’t bad or even uncomfortable. It was just boring and I wanted to do something different. Try this out the next time something work related stresses you out. In most cases, work stress is totally fabricated. I say most cases because if you’re a Doctor or Paramedic, work stress could be a life or death experience. But to most, work stress is caused by someone’s fear of “losing” their job. Your boss is bearing down on you because you didn’t clean the fryer well enough and IF his boss comes in, he’s going to get yelled at. If HE gets yelled at enough, he gets fired. From your perspective, what do you care?

But its easy to accept someone else’s stress as your own and let it manifest itself physically in you. The next time you’re in a situation like that, just go into the bathroom; the one place where everyone has an opportunity to be alone. Say to yourself, “this sucks, I want out”. Then clench your eyes together tightly and open them quickly saying, “wake up”! Do it until you feel different.

Like everything, it is all about intention. You have to have the intention that you will open your eyes to a different reality than you left. Imagine if you could master this simple technique. Imagine every time you get a slight feeling of less than excellent, you do this and the less than excellent leaves just like that. No doubt that it could change your life. If you let it.

*about the photo –  I heard this little Anna’s Hummingbird singing away nearby.  When I would look over at him, he’d flash his colors for a split second before turning the other direction.  I didn’t have my camera in the right setting to get a clear shot of him, but I ended up with this “dreamy” photo of him.

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