The Span – 2010 to 2015 – by Bashar

bashar-blog-imageAccording to Bashar, 2010 through 2015 is known as The Span.  If 2010 was a big year for you spiritually, then this video will probably resonate with you.  Take 5 minutes and 50 seconds of your day and watch.

I was researching something totally unrelated(or so I thought) when I stumbled upon this Bashar clip.  I’ve watched countless Bashar videos over the last few years but I’ve never seen this one.  I was actually attempting to dial in the exact day on the Heliacal Rising of Sirius in 2015 when I found this video that makes absolutely no mention of anything related to that query.  It’s also intriguing that I just finished reading how the military was launching a $518 Million “weather satellite” today from Vandenberg Air Force Base.  My first thought when I read about this weather satellite was……right, its just a distraction for a UFO to take off or land.  Synchronicity is a wonderful thing!

It seems as though the video was filmed either right before or right at the beginning of 2010, which for me was an incredibly pivotal moment in my awakening process.  I’ve pointed to the middle of 2009 as the trigger for my awakening, but it was really 2010 when things took shape in a way that I couldn’t possibly disregard.  The video is short and sweet and easy to assimilate.  Enjoy.


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