Synchronicity, The Collective Consciousness and Following Spirit Without Hesitation

photo orion in the night sky

We are at a crossroads in our human experience on this Planet at this time and we have a choice to make.


A recent conversation with a female friend about online dating prompted me to start thinking about this topic. In her case, she was discouraged by the experience of meeting someone online and how its unnatural to get to know someone in that manner. But on the flip side, her question was, “how do I meet men if not through online dating?” Good question and anyone who’s dabbled in online dating surely has asked themselves that question at some point.  That little conversation pointed me to the rabbit hole of the day.

Some would say, “get out more” or “meet someone through friends” or “at the grocery store”. When that was the only mechanism for meeting people, then you had no choice but to go those routes.  But nowadays, it just isn’t convenient to do so.  I’m not solely talking about dating either.  People meet via Facebook, through events they find out about via social networking and on sites like Meetup.  I actually know two guys who met from both being characters in an online shoot em up video game.  These are manly, heterosexual men who developed a real manly friendship after meeting online!

There was a point where it was taboo to meet people online. Even the mention of it would cause people to cringe and run for their life. But in the last 5 or so years, its become quite common, accepted and to many people EXPECTED.

Where This is Heading

My personal opinion is that we are approaching the beginning of the end of the “meeting people online” cycle. I’m not predicting the industry’s failure any time soon but I do think there’s a general feeling that meeting someone online is not the viable option it once was. As more and more people have less than excellent experiences like my friend, the cynicism is rapidly growing. As that cynicism grows, the vibration of it is changing from one of optimism to one of pessimism. I believe that online dating and social networking will shrink and go back to where they were a decade ago. A decade ago, if you can remember that far, meeting someone online was reserved for only a small portion of people; the brave, introverted and/or otherwise socially challenged.  But lets dive deeper into this rabbit hole and get to the juicy part.

The Artificial Collective Consciousness

Chances are you don’t read this blog in order to be kept up to date on pop culture, dating or the business outlook of social networking. No, you realize there’s more to our human experience than that. So let’s take a look at how meeting people online is part of something much bigger; the collective consciousness. In many ways, the internet has become the collective consciousness for much of the Earth’s population. With the internet and technology, you are literally able to be everywhere, all of the time. You can be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, dating sites and countless other places. Depending on just how open you let yourself be, you can get up to the second updates on anything you want. You can never miss anything! And you can get any question answered nearly anywhere on Earth. Is that not what omniscient and omnipresent means? All knowing and everywhere. But does that make it right? It is a man-made and artificial version of the collective consciousness.  Interestingly, we’ve been here before just most of us don’t remember.

Gregg Braden in his fantastic book, Fractal Time says that we can predict the future by just finding when a similar set of circumstances were in place in the past. Based on Thoth’s explanation of the history of Lemuria and Atlantis, perhaps we have that example in our past. Circa-13,000 or so years ago, the Martians(who lived on Earth) created an artificial energy grid around the Earth to control it. And Mother Earth had a problem with that artificial energy grid as it was out of harmony with the laws of the Universe.  I can’t say the same exact thing will happen to us, nor would Braden, but its an interesting thing to ponder.  If it seems right for you to head down that rabbit hole, then do so but its not necessary.  A combination of Sitchin, Druvalo and Braden’s work will get you up to speed on that topic.  Or you can start with a short article I wrote about it: Atlantis the Sequel.

One Alternative

Consider how indigenous people live. They don’t know what’s happening fifty feet from where they are standing, let alone in some other part of the world. They may not know what their closest loved ones are doing at any given time let alone what the Kardashians are doing. They live a life of synchronicity. When they are hungry, they find food. When they desire companionship, companionship finds them. When they require rest, they rest. When they desire travel, they travel. The key is that they don’t care what else is happening at that time. Anything that is supposed to happen in their reality just happens. They don’t think about it, they don’t judge, they don’t worry and they don’t fear.

Our Problem

Make no mistake about it, we are living in a society that is built on fear. If you let yourself get sucked in, then you too will live a life of fear. It is imperative to strike a balance so I don’t believe we should all move to the jungle and shun society. But consider just how much of your life is not led by synchronicity. When you go somewhere you’ve never been, do you just go? Chances are you put the address into your gps and let it guide you there. What if you actually had to use a map? Or had to just remember where you were going? Depending on where you’re going and how much time you had, you could probably do it. But would it make you feel comfortable? You’d probably have some sort of anxiety about the experience. That is NOT a life of synchronicity.

When you think of the absolute best moment you’ve had in the last year, can you even remember it? Assuming you can come up with something, do you remember how that moment came to be? Did you plan it out tirelessly? Did you do a ton of research? Did you read about it on Facebook? Did some pseudo-friend tell you about it? Possibly, but I’d bet there were more things about that moment that you couldn’t have possibly predicted and didn’t plan. Something about it took you by surprise. That is synchronicity!

Society will lead you to believe that you’re too busy to NOT be online. Who has time to just be out and about hoping to randomly meet someone? Valid point. But maybe its because we’ve also fallen into an existence of shapeshifting our way through different realities. If you want to be “in good shape”, you gotta work out. So that means, you might have to wake up at 5 AM, shove some food down your throat and hustle to the gym. You got an hour to get a workout in before you scramble home, shower and drive to work. Now that you’re at work, you’re chained to that world for 8 hours at best. What’s next? Hustle to get home to cook yourself a “healthy” dinner and catch up on everything else that’s happened in the world by whatever electronic means you choose. You blink and it’s 10 o’clock and you’re exhausted and go to bed.

That’s reality for a lot of people. There isn’t much room for synchronicity given that schedule. It’s for that reason that many shun society and just move to the the wilderness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What Do We Do?

There are countless ways to deal with this problem and I’m sure many people have their own way of staying tuned in.  I am aware of individuals who are capable of manifesting their artificial collective consciousness(internet/social networking) in such a manner that it only provides them with information and people of higher vibrations.  I will say that it is not an easy thing to do, but is entirely possible.  Just be aware of when lower vibrations are making their way into your space and sever the tie quickly and without discrimination.  

There is also a growing movement towards filling the artificial collective consciousness with positive vibrations and energy. In some ways that’s what I’m doing.  Drunvalo, for the first time broadcasted his Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop online. You had to pay for it and I have no idea how many people did, but he’s putting very powerful energy across the internet when he does this. He’s not the first to do this type of thing. I’ve watched Bashar events online and know that most of the more famous spiritual leaders do the same thing. There are videos on top of videos out there.  But its going to take a lot to overcome the artificial collective consciousness as it stands today.  Every once in a while, something pop culture related does seep into my otherwise pure web and I’m astonished at how many people are fixated on things that are absolutely meaningless.  There’s a lot of lower vibration stuff out there and you have to be diligent to keep it away!

We can’t depend on the spiritual leaders to do this all on their own. There is something seemingly simple that each and every one of us can do right now.

  • Return as much as possible to a life of synchronicity.
  • Follow your spirit without hesitation.
  • Live your life according to your highest excitement.
  • Live a life devoid of fear.

I am not here to judge or make it seem as though I’m better than anyone else. I have the same problem with much of this as anyone else does. I’ve taken many steps in my life to stay tuned in. But it is hard and that’s part of the point of the human experience.

Consider this simple truth when faced with anything in your life.

  • Consciousness is immortal.
  • You are consciousness.  
  • You are immortal.

Many of you may already believe and know this, but to truly get it and allow it be part of who you are today is a challenge.  But do your best and start by living a life of synchronicity.  Let synchronicity show you that there’s something much greater at play here than just what you think you’re facing in your human life.

In closing, I received this on an email from Bob Frissell and it seems fitting to share at this time.  Bob is a former student/protege of Drunvalo and has been an incredible influence on me as well as countless others.  If you’re a fan of the band Tool, much of their lyrics are directly influenced by Bob’s work.  And a large portion of Bob’s work came from Drunvalo and much of Drunvalo’s work came from Thoth.

What if you suddenly became totally fascinated with your picture of heaven on Earth. If you took a radical shift in your identity, in how you contextualize your reality, and in how you measure it, the universe would have no choice but to give you a radically different reality. After you have done all of that then all you have to do is follow your spirit without hesitation. Your life will then flow as you fiercely hold your vision. You will, as Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world.


I wrote most of this on the morning of Sunday, February 16 after I decided to force a day of synchronicity upon myself. As of the time I wrote it, I had no idea what my day would entail.  I decided to walk the talk and un-wire myself for the day.  I left my phone at home, loaded up my iPod with music, packed some stuff and headed for the desert.  I surrendered myself to the Universe and to synchronicity.  I thought I knew much of what my day would entail, but in a future article you’ll see that I didn’t know shit.  My day was mundane on some levels, but incredibly synchronistic once I tuned solely into the vibration of synchronicity.

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  1. AWESOME Blog…THANK YOU! This writing actually explained WHAT is going on in my life & HOW I got here, The past 5 months travelling in Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Noisy-sur-Ecole…BACK to Paris, Berlin, currently in Wurzburg (Bavaria)…NEXT?!! began as a journey, and turned into incredible SYNCHRONICITY!

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