UFO on Valentine’s Day

photo ufo in front of full moon

Are these photos of a UFO in front of the Full Moon on Valentine’s Day, 2014?

I realize that most people will fall into one of two categories when reading this: 1)No way it’s a UFO or 2)Oh my God, it IS a UFO! My goal here is not to convince anyone of anything. What I can tell you is that I’ve shot thousands of photos; hundreds of the Moon and have never seen something like this. I’ve seen dust and hairs and smudges and planes and birds and reflections and lights, but even my skeptical nature can’t explain this. This wasn’t just an “in camera” anomaly. I saw it with my own eyes. Something very large was hovering in front of the Full Moon and then quickly disappeared. I personally shot all of these photos in Southern California.  The only alterations were cropping, un-saturating and some exposure correction.  I decided to not go any further with the editing than I had to.  As I said, I’m not here to convince anyone but I did feel compelled to share that information.

There are a few other theories on what this black line could be that I’d like to address. Could it have been a meteor or satellite? I don’t see how. If it was a satellite, then it was the biggest satellite I’ve ever heard of and it was very close to the ground given my vantage point. I’ve seen satellites zoom by and they are very small, faint objects and not seen relatively low to the horizon. And the reason I don’t believe it was a meteor was that it hung there for ten seconds before it moved out of the way. The first shot was at 5:54:41 and then ten seconds later, it had moved but not very far. Meteors streak across the sky and are not solid black objects. Photos of meteors look like a trail of smoke, not a black streak.

One other thing I will point out is that I’m not the first person to see something like this.  I Googled “ufo in front of full moon” and the first images I saw looked incredibly similar to mine.  I was also pointed to this story on UFO sightings daily.  The images shown in that story are from NASA.

How It Happened

I absolutely intended on getting photos of the Full Moon, but I wasn’t sure exactly where I’d be when the Moon rose. I was hopeful that I’d be able to get a clear shot of it as it was coming over the mountains. I thought of a spot and was close when I saw the Moon starting to creep up over the mountain. I pulled my camera out as I was driving thinking I could try to snap a photo while I was waiting at a red light. It didn’t work out that way and I made it to the spot right as the Moon came completely over the mountain.

I found a clearing and shot a total of 7 photos in less than a minute from the time I got there until the time the black line disappeared. My photos do not do justice to the experience of actually being there. The Moon was huge in the sky. There wasn’t enough light to get any other objects in the foreground so I just focused on getting shots of the Moon.

The first two shots, captured at 5:54:13 PM and 5:54:25 PM were too underexposed to see anything. I had the camera set to 1/400, f/11 ISO 100 on the first and then stopped it down to f/9 on the second.

At 5:54:41 PM, I dialed the shutter down to 1/160 and got my first glimpse of the dark line across the Moon.

Full Moon UFO First Shot

I noticed it at first when I zoomed in on the screen to see how much detail I was getting.  I then looked up at the Moon to see if I was actually shooting across power lines or something in the foreground.  I could clearly see the black object in front of it.  It was well beyond the mountains in the distance, at least 30 miles away.  I kept the same settings and zoomed in as far as I could on the next few shots spaced out by a second each.  The photo at the top is actually the first of that series, with these two being the others.

Full Moon UFO 52

Full Moon UFO 53

I put the camera down to take another look and it was gone, just like that!

Full Moon UFO 555

A Different Look
I decided to include this version of the same image at the top to show why this is definitely not an in camera anomaly or something like a power line. Whatever it was had to be big. I overexposed this image as much as I possibly could in Lightroom and you can still see the remnant of the black line!  If this wasn’t something large, it would have just disappeared with all of that overexposure. It was there.

Full Moon UFO Top

Magic in the Air
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling magic in the air lately. I alluded to it in my New Moon article a few weeks ago and have a had a few synchronistic events remind me that I’m tuned in. At the time of the New Moon, I just put my trust into the Universe to give me what I needed at the next Full Moon. A few Full Moon photos would have been a nice gift, but I didn’t expect this!

Another interesting thing happened related to Drunvalo. Even though I follow Drunvalo’s work very closely, somehow I never read his third book titled Living in the Heart. I had that realization earlier in the week, ordered it and it arrived on Wednesday. I started reading it, but had a good chunk of it to go when I went to bed on Thursday night. I inexplicably woke up at 2 AM, couldn’t get right back to sleep and finished reading it before going back to sleep.

The thing with this book is that the first 80 or so pages are just story after story of seemingly impossible things happening in Drunvalo’s life. He talks of personally curing the pollution problem in large cities, of kids seeing with their armpits, UFOs, traveling inter dimensionally and lots of other incredible things. But the real meat of the book is the heart meditation that he teaches towards the end. I read it on Thursday night, but decided to hold off on trying the meditation until Friday. Nevertheless, I felt like I had unlocked a new door that would propel me even faster to ascension. I knew it was important and I knew on some other level I was drinking from a fire hose of ancient knowledge. But about what? I just trusted that I’d remember when the time is right.

When I got home after the Full Moon experience, I looked at the photos and realized that the whole thing happened within 47 seconds of 5:55. Triple 5s is the most sacred of sacred triple number combinations. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. After reviewing the photos, I did some yoga and sat down to dabble with the “training wheels” meditations leading up to the real heart meditation. I dozed off at some point in my chair and my spirit went somewhere else. When I came back, I was calm, peaceful and incredibly well rested. I was also a little confused as to where I was. I think I was only “out” for about 20 minutes but it sure seemed longer.

Lastly, I’d like to mention one other synchronistic event.  I was submitting my story to the UFO Sightings Daily site and I looked up my exact location for where I got these shots.  Would you believe that I was at the end of Constellation Street?  Indeed.  And the next road over is Galaxy Drive.  I was aware that these two streets existed, but like the 5:55 synchronicity, I didn’t realize it until after the fact!

I never thought of myself as the type of person who would see a UFO. I actually used to say that UFOs only appear to people who need physical validation that they exist. I always believed in them so in my mind I didn’t need any validation. But for some reason, the Leo Full Moon of 2014 and Valentine’s Day was my day.

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