Animal Omens – Bobcat Medicine


Bobcats don’t show themselves to us for no reason.  Find out why a Bobcat sighting is very powerful medicine.

To the individual that is not tuned in spiritually, animal sightings are a thing of chance. “Wow, what luck!” or “What a coincidence!” are what one would say. But when you are tuned in, you don’t disregard animal synchronicities. Now there is a difference between a sighting and a synchronicity. If you see a lion, but you’re at the zoo that’s not exactly the most synchronistic event in one’s life. But when an animal makes itself very conspicuous seemingly out of nowhere, it’s telling you something.

The Bobcat

I really didn’t know what a Bobcat looked like until I saw one. As a matter of fact the first time I saw one, I wasn’t really sure what I was seeing. To me it looked like a teddy bear with a stubby tail. Then I saw another one not even twenty minutes later and got a good look at it. Bobcats are otherworldly looking: thick legs, big paws, powerful bodies, short stubby tails and a cat head with big ears.

The funny thing about Bobcats is that there are a lot of them in the United States. I read some estimates that say there are between 700,000 and 1.5 Million. Compare that to the Peregrine Falcon where they estimate that there are only about 4,000 in the United States. By those numbers, it is absolutely rare to see a Peregrine Falcon but with so many Bobcats out there, how are more people not seeing them? My point is just that, when something so elusive makes itself known there is a message.

In my last two trips to the mountains, I’ve had 4 Bobcat sightings. I sense that I might have seen the same one multiple times or even seen the same one 4 times, but the point is, most people never see these things and I’ve seen 4! They are absolutely magical and striking when you see one. On most of the sightings I was driving where I saw the eyes far down the road before I saw anything else. It seems as though you’re seeing a reflector on the side of the road. Their eyes are different than a Raccoon or Opossum. I can’t explain why, but the Bobcat’s eyes are golden where as the others are more of an orange color and not nearly as reflective.  When you see the eyes light up, you almost expect to see an animal twice its size.

Let’s talk about what a Bobcat omen is all about and my interpretation of what it meant to me. From there, you’ll see how this thing works and understand how you too can learn to interpret animal omens in your own life. I’ve included my sources below and by no means did I try to delve deeper into this than I should. From my perspective, a few themes really hit home for me, specific to how I saw it and what I was doing at the time.

I went to the mountains by myself in order to be immersed in nature. I knew where I was going and thought I knew why I was going there. I didn’t know exactly how I’d be spending my time or who I’d encounter. I just left it to synchronicity. In the other aspect of my life, things had been murky. Stress had caused me to be fighting the flu for what seems like months now and it’s all a result of an unsettled work situation that didn’t seem to be getting any clearer. It’s also been impacting my personal life where I’ve recently been in a “recover from the work week” mode on weekends, choosing to just relax rather than be social. The mountains have become my escape from all of this and have really helped stay tuned in.

The Sightings

  • Sighting 1 was at 5 AM. I was looking for a place to watch the Sun rise and saw a furry grey creature scamper across the road in front of me. I got a glimpse of its eyes, but what I really noticed was its grey color and stocky body. I just thought, “did I just see a bobcat?” but wasn’t sure.
  • Sighting number 2 was likely the same one. I was unsuccessful in finding a good spot and headed back up the mountain. I wasn’t really looking for the Bobcat anymore, really just watching for anything alive so I didn’t hit it. This time it walked right in front of me, casually again. I pulled over to the side pointing my headlights to it and got a great look. It looked right at me with its huge ears and golden eyes. It’s something I will never forget.
  • Sighting number 3 was on my second trip to the mountains about a month later. I was just arriving around midnight and saw something dart into the road ahead of me. I could see it galloping full speed in the same direction I was heading. This time I noticed the banded tail and from the way it was galloping, lion-like I knew again it was a Bobcat.
  • Sighting number 4 was in the middle of the night the last day I was there. I was heading out to stargaze at 3 AM and there he was again, casually strolling in the road in front of me. I saw his eyes from about an eighth of a mile away. They were ridiculously bright and he watched me this time before walking across the road in front of me. The tail again was the tell “tale” sign.

These kinds of things don’t happen by chance. When I took to my sources to find out what a Bobcat omen was about, I found lots of themes that struck a nerve with me.

  • Clear vision in dark places; vigilance; suspicion; ability to live in solitude; ability to see through masks.
  • There is a time for solitude, learning to be alone but not lonely and a time for social balance. He shows how to keep confidences of those around you with a balance of inner and outer perceptions. Bobcat aids in tapping into the curiosity of the unseen world of secrecy, invisibility and hidden meanings for understanding spiritual mysteries of the path that is being traveled. Bobcat will offer protection and expertise of this path and lend its knowledge in maneuvering your developing natural internal power. Bobcat teaches the ability of being able to turn on/off creative forces in life. Always look for what is hidden on all levels and trust your senses.
  • The Bobcat animal totem is a sign of patience. Bobcats are superior hunters, and they incorporate stealth, strategy and wield a great deal of patience in their hunting excursions.
  • The Bobcat sends us a clear message that in order for us to get what we want, we must be willing to plan, adapt, and above all, have the patience to see our ideals manifest.
  • The Bobcat animal totem is also about creation, and developing our abilities into a higher level of value. Additionally, the Bobcat is also about the unseen and silent aspects of our inner selves.
  • We need to consider some passions that we have been keeping a secret. Now is the time to unleash our hidden desires – unlock our inner secret wisdom & talents.

All of this resonates with me, but the recurring themes of patience, looking for what is hidden, vigilance, planning, clear vision are the most important for me. In addition, the last one about passions that have been kept a secret. That really struck a nerve with me, but its a personal thing that I’d rather not delve too deeply in to here.

The other thing I read somewhere, but can’t locate the source is that Bobcats, like Ravens are multidimensional. They walk between the worlds and can pop in and out of dimensions seamlessly. That’s why you don’t see them very often. When they want to disappear, they disappear. Think of Ravens and how they also just seem to appear. You don’t normally see them flying around. They are just there. Perhaps that’s the other message here. Bobcats teach how one can walk between the worlds, whether the worlds are dimensions or just walking between work and personal life.

Wrapping up, the thing I want to make sure you understand is that interpretation of omens is a personal thing. I don’t try to research or go to guru after guru to find out what they are about or what someone says. The right answer and the right path is the one that seems natural. In my case, what I’ve included above is what is important for me RIGHT NOW. I will remember words like: patience, vigilance, planning, and vision when I hit those stressful moments where things seem to be impossible to figure out. If nothing else, use this all as a reminder the next time an animal makes itself conspicuous in your life. It is not just coincidence. The Universe is speaking to you and if you’re ready to tune in, you’ll get the exact medicine you need.

Here’s another story I wrote about Animal Omens


Image: I finally got to photograph my very own Bobcat on Christmas day 2014.  

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  1. Awesome article! The best I have found on bobcat totem. A bobcat ran across the road in front of my car the other day and I immediately knew it had an important message for me. Now I know what is was. Thank you!

    • Thanks! I’m glad it helped you understand the meaning. I’ve had a number of Bobcat sightings since I first wrote this article and the same exact theme has been relevant every single time. At minimum, Bobcats are beautiful and magical. I felt like the luckiest guy on Earth every time I got to see one.

  2. This info was exactly what was needed …
    Had a BOBCAT walking in/out of dimensions around me the last couple of days
    I have a cat sharing my apartment with me
    He was seeing the BOBCAT as well
    It has been a very powerful experience
    I’m sure if I didn’t live in an urban setting I would have seen an actual-physical BOBCAT
    Thanks again for the info on
    the BOBCAT

  3. Hi arcturus my name is kristi i had a bobcat experience several year’s ago when i still had my previous dog a maltese poodle who was blind for the last 4yrs from cataract’s i went to my uncle’s cabin 50 mile’s away to try learning the wilderness survival skill’s there i made a enclosed tarp shelter that’s enclosed on all side’s except the entrance just before dark i went out there to spend the night there with my dog i got us both settled for the night & was just starting to fall asleep when something large started climbing over my shelter it got halfway over & it turned around & came to the entrance it was complete darkness my dog was asleep snoring loudly as i wondered what it was our mind’s merged like a overlay & i knew it was a cat though i didn’t know what specie’s i felt it wasn’t a domestic cat it was a wild predatory cat i felt it’s curiosity about me but no negativity toward me all it wanted was the water from my dog’s dish which it drank it was very thirsty & it just wanted to be in my presence for a while i went to sleep feeling safe i felt we had a understanding between us of neither one of us wanting to cause harm to each other i set up my camp in a different place out of curiosity to see if it would seek me out i set up a tent on the beach part of the pond & just before dark i took the trail to it & there was a small herd of deer on one side of the trail who snorted at me 42x i just got settled in the tent when something that had been on the other side of me had gone for the deer though i don’t know if it got one but i felt it was what had visited me at my tarp shelter & it had waited patiently for me to pass by on the trail before going for the deer i was between it & the deer on the trail & when i was leaving to go home i saw it on the driveway trail ahead of the car it was a bobcat walking very slowly with no fear of the car & i knew it was who was visiting me at my camp site’s & it wanted to say goodbye to me it was a nice experience it never tried to harm me or my dog

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