Guardian Angels – My Personal Experience

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Guardian angels are always watching us and sometimes they personally intervene in our lives; like they did for me.

I’ve had many experiences in my life where I’ve felt the presence of angels or felt like I was protected. But nothing has happened that could possibly compare to what I experienced early in the morning on Saturday, September 28 2013. On this day, I came closer to death than I ever have.

On the morning of Wednesday, September 25, 2013 I left for work with significant drama hanging over my head. I was expecting a day of chaos so I called my right hand man at work to discuss the plan for addressing it. We were in an intense conversation around what to do, how to handle it, etc. I’ve never been one to use a blue tooth or even headphones while driving so there I was cruising along with the phone to my ear. I was driving pretty much on autopilot on the freeway during rush hour talking. I don’t even remember the drive from the point I started my call to the point I saw the red and blue lights flashing behind me.

I abruptly ended my call and accepted my ticket. I told the police officer it was a lesson and a wake up call and thanked him for that. He reciprocated by politely and professionally explaining how to get back on the freeway. He really was an exceptional human being; probably an angel himself. I was careful that day and the next few days. I only looked at my phone when I was not moving. I even told coworkers about getting a ticket and how it was a lesson since I had not been good about keeping my hands off of my phone prior to this point.

I was up at 3 AM on the morning of Saturday, September 28 in order to get in to work at 5 AM. Everything went according to routine that morning but I was running a little late. When I walked outside I noticed that the sky was clear. I immediately spotted Orion overhead and Sirius was shining brightly. I stood there in the middle of the quiet street just looking up at them, thinking about how long it had been since I saw them like this. I felt like Sirius was kind of waving at me with its bright flickering lights. I also noticed a bright star or Planet near the Moon and looked it up to find that it was Jupiter. I’d seen Jupiter many times but like Sirius it had been a while.  It was a brief but magical moment.

Even though I wasn’t technically late for anything, I did feel like my time was a bit compressed. I drove down my street and was messing around with my phone, trying to find suitable music for the drive. I lined up a heavy metal station on iTunes radio and embarked on my journey.

Shortly after I got on the freeway, a classic metal song from my youth, King Diamond’s Welcome Home came on. I reached down blindly to turn up the volume still conscious of keeping my eyes on the road. The freeway was desolate and dark. There were a few cars in the distance and a few behind me, but I had the road to myself for the most part. It was a far cry from my usual experience driving during rush hour.

At some point, I decided to look at my phone. I don’t even remember exactly why.  I reached down, picked up my phone and then glanced down at it.

Suddenly my car jerked violently to the right. I looked up and was no more than ten feet from a stalled car with no lights on in the middle lane while I’m doing 70 mph. Seemingly on its own my car swerved to the right out of the way, and then back into the lane. My left hand was on the wheel, but my right hand was not. Somehow I pulled off this high speed maneuver without seeing the car and with only one hand.

Shaken, I tried to look for a place to pull over to calm down. I immediately looked up and saw a shooting star flash across the sky. I instinctively just said “Thanks Mom” knowing she had to have played a part in this. She saved me once before.

I am 100% certain that my guardian angels intervened and saved my life on that morning. There is no explanation how I was able to pull off that maneuver without ever seeing the car. I had this incredible feeling of being protected afterwards. When I finally did find somewhere to pull over, the reality of the situation hit me. It brought me to tears when I thought about it. It wasn’t so much the fear of what could have happened, but the fact that there are angels out there constantly watching us and intervening when they need to. I felt more loved than I ever have. This wasn’t where my car just moved on its own or I floated over the stalled car. Sure, it was my hand that turned the wheel. But how did it happen if I couldn’t even see the car I was swerving out of the way of?

The other thing that is interesting is that this happened nearly at the exact spot where I was pulled over a few days prior. The officer that pulled me over said that he was next to me for a while before he pulled me over. It’s entirely possible and probable that he started following me right where this stalled car was, the stalled car that was still 3 days in the future.

Somehow I missed the first sign that the Universe gave me. I thought I was doing well in avoiding my phone while driving but I do remember rationalizing that no one was on the road so I could still see danger coming. I never anticipated something like this.

I could have died that morning. The best that could have happened had I not swerved out of the way is that I would have been involved in a terrible collision. Maybe my seatbelt and airbag would have saved me, but hitting a car at 70 mph would have been catastrophic to say the least. I don’t know why I was given another chance, but I was. Maybe this was all perfectly orchestrated to give me an even bigger lesson. Maybe there really was no chance of me hitting that car and that the Universe or my angels decided to stage this elaborate lesson for me for another reason.

Needless to say, you won’t see me touching my phone any more while I’m driving. That image of me closing in on that stalled car in the middle lane will forever be etched into my mind.

Everything we need to know is right there in front of us. But sometimes when we miss it, our angels are there ready to jump in to assist. I’m lucky and blessed to have some amazing ones on my side.

Thank you Mom and thank you Grandmom, who I think also played a big part in this.

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  1. I have felt for a very long time that there has been someone watching over me, too. It’s the ONLY explanation why I haven’t killed someone or myself with how idiotic I was in my teens and early twenties. I think my grandma is one of them, also. Maybe both grandma’s! Glad to hear no one got hurt in your ordeals. Take care –

    • Appreciate the comments. I’ve told this story to many people and was asked the question, “if there are guardian angels watching us, then why does anyone die?” Valid question and I definitely don’t know for sure. But I sense it is that at times our own free will works against us. We don’t know exactly what the future has in store for us, but the angels that watch over us do. And when our free will gets in the way of something that is bigger than us, and in a bigger sense, destiny then they jump in to help out.

      We also don’t always know in a much bigger sense whether our souls are needed elsewhere. Perhaps many die young because in a short period of time, they learn their lessons on Earth and break whatever karmic cycle was holding them back. At that point, they are able to move on to their next step in their soul’s evolution. I guess to summarize, we have no idea but its nice to know we have friends on the other side watching out for what is right for us.

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