Ah Fluoride, Is There Anything You Can’t Do?

Anyone else craving some fertilizer byproducts with their refreshing glass of water? I know I am and particularly since its great for my teeth. Huh? I guess you weren’t aware that a byproduct of the fertilizer industry is added to our drinking water in order to help protect our teeth; at least in San Diego it is. Amazing isn’t it? We have become so good at recycling that we can turn waste products into something that can benefit mankind. If that’s not amazing enough, this same byproduct of the fertilizer industry is also used in other incredible ways such as:

  • as an insecticide
  • for refining lead
  • for converting aluminum ore into aluminum metal
  • in the tanning of animal hides and skins
  • for oil well acidizing
  • for preserving wood

If you didn’t believe in magic when you pulled up this story, you must believe in it now! Yes we are talking about fluoride. The fluoride that is added to our drinking water in San Diego is in fact a byproduct of the fertilizer industry. I know I’m a little late to the “fluoride is evil” party, but I’m here now and ready to rock. I’ve heard of the fluoride in the drinking water conspiracy before but I really had no idea it was as bad as it really is. I guess I wanted to believe that scientists had come up with a pharmaceutical grade version of fluoride that could be put into water. It would be like other drugs where it would have side effects and have its bad side, but it would be something that scientists in a lab created, not the fertilizer industry. I’ve included my sources at the bottom if you want to do some fact checking but for now just humor me and trust that I didn’t just pull this all out of thin air. I cannot guarantee that everything I used as a source is 100% accurate, but where there’s smoke there’s fire and I didn’t invent the fluoride conspiracy.

The Reality of Fluoride in San Diego Drinking Water

  • The City of San Diego began fluoridating all its drinking water in February 2011. This also affects the cities of Coronado, Del Mar, and Imperial Beach.
  • San Diego supplements naturally-occurring fluoride in our drinking water to meet the standards established by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  • The fluoride level in our area is 0.7 milligrams per liter (mg/L) meeting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended fluoride dose.
  • The City uses fluorosilicic acid, a chemical certified under ANSI/NSF Standard 60 and approved by CDPH.

At first glance, it appears that San Diego is just doing what the government requires they do. And they are. This is not about San Diego doing anything that other cities don’t already do. Let’s go a step further……..

What is this flourosilicic acid that is added to our drinking water? Here’s what I found within the same site that I found the above information:

While there are three chemicals commonly used to fluoridate municipal drinking water, San Diego selected fluorosilicic acid as the most cost-effective bulk chemical to be used in the district’s treatment processes.

I don’t know about you, but when I read “most cost-effective bulk chemical”, I don’t immediately feel good about its health benefits.

There are many conspiracy theory websites out there that go on and on about the problems with fluoride, but Wikipedia is sort of the “official” source for basic information these days. Here’s what they say(paraphrased by me) about hexafluorosilicic acid which is the same as fluorosilicic acid:

  • Hexafluorosilicic acid is converted to aluminium fluoride and cryolite. These materials are central to the conversion of aluminium ore into aluminium metal.
  • It is also converted to a variety of useful salts. The potassium salt is used in the production of porceleins, the magnesium salt for hardened concretes and as an insecticide, and the barium salts for phosphors.
  • It is also commonly used for water fluoridation
  • It is also used as an electrolyte in the Betts electrolytic process for refining lead.

Let me simplify this for you. The uses for fluorosilicic acid according to Wikipedia are:

  • The conversion of aluminum ore into aluminum metal
  • Porcelein production
  • Hardened concrete
  • Insecticide
  • A process for refining lead
  • Oh and for fluoridating our drinking water!

Am I the only one who sees a problem here? How does one get their hands on some fluorosilicic acid you might ask? This part is pretty awesome too.

Fluorosilicic acid is a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. This substance is the waste residue from the superphosphate fertilizer industry, and about 70 to 75 percent of this stuff comes from the Cargill fertilizer manufacturing company.

Time for a check of the score.

A byproduct of the fertilizer industry that is also used for refining lead, converting aluminum ore into aluminum metal is added to our drinking water because its the most cost-effective bulk chemical that can be used to fluoridate our drinking water and protect our teeth.

Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

So what do we do? The simplest solution is to just not use tap water for anything that goes into your body but that is easier said than done. In San Diego county, Palomar Spring Water appears to be a good choice. But that’s an expensive option at about $2 a gallon. Reverse osmosis? I’m yet to find anywhere that says that reverse osmosis removes a significant amount of fluoride. I’ve actually read a few things that state that reverse osmosis removes very little fluoride. Let me tell you something else about reverse osmosis water. I recently returned from a trip to Desert Hot Springs and brought back some of the water from there. I wanted to see how the pH compared to the water where I live. I used my hot tub water quality test strips and the results were staggering. The Desert Hot Springs water was on the alkaline side as was the tap water. But the reverse osmosis water was way on the acid side. I don’t know why, but it appears that reverse osmosis turns water from alkaline to acid. Find me somebody that thinks acidic water is good for our body.

Another thing that came to mind related to reverse osmosis water is how prevalent those machines are and how dirt cheap the water is. They are literally everywhere. Do you really think its possible that water that costs 25 cents a gallon and is subject to testing scrutiny by the same government that dumps fertilizer into our water can be the best option? No way in hell these machines are removing fluoride for 25 cents a gallon.  The water tastes better than tap water, but that’s about it.

Moving on, there’s got to be a filter that removes this stuff, right? A quick search led me to lots of options, some costing as little as $30 others as much as $1000. A friend of mine from Washington suggested the Berkey filter since that’s what they use and it only costs around $300. Low and behold, you can’t get them shipped into California because of California’s anti-lead law. The manufacturer states that their product does not have any lead in it, but they need to prove it to California first and naturally that is not a simple task. How about the irony that the fluoride that is added to our drinking water is also used FOR REFINING LEAD?

Next up…..Boiling! That’s what you’d do if you were trapped in a jungle and needed to drink the water. If you boil it, then you kill the bad stuff right? Well, yeah when you consider bacteria but not fluoride. No, the fluoride concentration just intensifies when you boil it. Its similar to what I learned about my salt water hot tub. I have to replace 5-10 gallons of water in my hot tub each week due to evaporation and spill over. But the salt content remains at 2,000 ppm. The salt doesn’t evaporate, just like the fluoride doesn’t evaporate. Boil water, increase the percentage of fluoride in the water that’s left. It’s that simple.

And why exactly is the government so concerned about our teeth of all things? Flouride is added to our drinking water to help our teeth right? Don’t you think that there are other supplements that they could add to our drinking water that could help us? Couldn’t they find a suitable way of delivering essential nutrients like calcium to us? Everyone knows we are a calcium deficient society yet I don’t see them adding calcium to our water. How about just some multi-vitamins? Nope, its all about our teeth.

I’m not going to speculate as to why fluoride is really added to our drinking water. But just think about it the next time you consider drinking your tap water. They are consciously pumping something that doesn’t even qualify as fertilizer into our drinking water and telling us its good for our teeth. You know since I stopped using fluoride based toothpaste and stopped drinking tap water, my teeth have been whiter than they’ve ever been. I don’t bleach them and I drink coffee like my life depends on it, yet my teeth stay pearly white.

If you’re wondering what I’m going to do now about my hydration needs, the answer is I don’t know.  I haven’t really been drinking tap water for many years but I can’t say I’ve been diligent about avoiding it altogether.  If I’m making pasta, I’m boiling tap water.  Just recently I switched to reverse osmosis water for my coffee but based on what I learned, that’s not a good option either.  In all likelihood I’ll figure out a way to get a good fluoride removing filter and/or rely on Palomar Spring Water.  It’s unrealistic to think that I’ll never encounter tap water while I’m dining out but at least I’ll be able to say that the majority of what goes into my body is not fluoridated.

It’s a topic for another day, but I also stumbled upon something else interesting.  Michael Ellegion mentioned in an interview that coconut oil can reverse the effects of fluoride.  Maybe that’s the answer.  The best defense may be a good offense!

If you’re interested in reading more, here are the sites I consulted when writing this story.  This is one of those things that just gets worse and worse the more you look at it.








Last but certainly not least, I got the picture from here….an article about the benefits of fluoride for your kid’s teeth:


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  1. Just frightening beyond words. Where I was raised — smack dab in the middle of the South Pacific — our water was HEAVILY fluoridated, to convert it to “drinkable” water (not sure of the details). Hm. Between that and our proximity to Bikini Atoll, it’s a wonder that some of us still survive.

    • Yeah once again, it kind of makes you wonder. Why were they so concerned about the teeth of people living in the middle of the South Pacific? I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know anything about Bikini Atoll, but I just read about it. Unreal.

      • Lovely, yes? They were still doing tests from the devastation while I was there… Massive. And the tests on the Natives? They call “jelly babies” due to the deformities. Lots of “issues.”

  2. You are right on! Very comprehensive article on San Diego Tap water. Let me know what you think of my article and links http://www.la-jolla-house.com/san-diego-tap-water-quality-and-why-you-should-filter/

  3. Welcome to the party(BYOB) Overdoses of sodium fluoride can be treated with calcium chloride or a form of magnesium i cant remember at the moment, most likely work by precipitating out the fluoride into insoluble solids(these also seem to help reduce the effects of it in the body as well).. Any form of fluoride converts to the ever friendly hydrofluoric acid(eats glass) when it reacts with stomach acid(HCL). Boric acid is a treatment for hydrofluoric acid exposure, and is a natural component of ocean water and in the water of some areas. Boron seems to have strong evidence that it is an essential nutrient, however the mechanism it works by isnt clear(I believe it works by eliminating fluorine and possibly bromine). It forms the anion BF4- which is sometimes called fluoroboric acid..which has a greatly reduced toxicity compared to hydrofluoric acid(aka HF). There is one chinese study showing an improvement of fluorosis symptoms and increases excretion of fluoride by using borax. Its a little worse than you think, most Fluoride is actually absorbed while bathing(so how much is someone ingesting by spending all day in a swimming pool?). Borax or calcium chloride in the tub would probably disactivate fluoride, and have no secondary effects. Another thing I didnt realize is how it can concentrate in processed food. Things like seemingly innocent wheaties or pickles can have 4x the level in water because fluoridated water is used in their processing. There is a good chart from the CDC(the same gov entity recommending fluoridation) tracking the increase in fluorosis of 12-15 year olds who seem to be the most vulnerable to its effects. The rate has gone up from 10% to 42%. You read that right the same government agency that recommends fluoridation and says that very young babies should ingest zero fluoride states that 42% of 12-15 year olds have mild or worse fluorosis of the teeth. Interestingly this increase in fluorisis in teens matches the obesity epidemic, in time frame and magnitude. The EPA disagrees with the CDC and puts it on the list of chemicals that have strong evidence of being a neurotoxin. They have problems with it because it often kills fish and can concentrate downstream. At one time they thought fluoride was an essential human nutrient, every year they discover a new way that it is toxic and has no role in human nutrition. Did I mention it bioaccumulates?

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