Mystical Experiences – The Ande Channels

In May of 2012, I conducted a Reconnective Healing session with a friend named Ande. The session was done at my request and I wasn’t quite sure why I was compelled to do so.  During the session many incredible things happened, but in the interest of maintaining Ande’s privacy I cannot divulge all of the details. After the session, Ande reported interesting phenomena such as strong feelings of the energy in her hands, the feeling of beings around her as well as telepathic messages during meditations.

On June 2, 2012, she reached out to me to pass on a message she said she received and transcribed with her eyes closed. The message was delivered to me via iPhone text message. I kept the message intact and did not alter anything. Below is exactly what she sent:

The world is mine forever
Intwined in one to be forgiven
Israel, Israel liberty sayon, sayon
The words are thee to speak, sayon
Glory to the highest
Make due to what you have
Sing high above the heavens
Bring fourth thy presence
Today is the day of redemption
Manifest a world full of abundance
Shall be done, will be done
To live, to love for joy and happiness
Die to self, old life, old patterns
New beginnings start today and forever
Love life and live
Forever in peace
Embassador of Enoch

The chills I got from reading this are an understatement. Someone that delved deeply into Reconnective Healing would find that the healing frequencies are mentioned in the Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. I can absolutely attest to the fact that Ande had no previous knowledge of Enoch or any of the messages inside the Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. She had never channeled, nor did she have any idea what this was. I’d known Ande for nearly two years prior to this and while she is open minded, she is by no means knowledgeable on any of these topics. She is as credible a person as I know.

The striking thing for me was the fact that 1)the name Enoch was used and 2)the mention of Israel. Let’s just say that Ande did somehow stumble upon mention of the Keys of Enoch. You have to delve quite deeply into the text to find the mention of Israel the book is not an easy one to delve quite deeply into.

After the initial channel, Ande channeled several other messages, all of which were consistent with the initial one.

June 15, 2012

Why does thy fear me? I bring peace beyond what thy know. Spring fourth and breath. Hail to the king of glory from the highest sent from high above the heavens. Purity shall be yours for you to receive. Hail high above the heavens. Spring fourth I say. Do not fear. Where ever thy go, I will be with thee.

Ambassador of Enoch

12 s(eat) 3rd dimension for all to hear

forever and peace

June 18, 2012

Where I cometh is far beyond your knowledge
Hear ye my friends, sing to the most high
This is for all to know that the beginning
is at hand for all fulfillment is upon us now
Today bring forth thy presence to be used from above.
A new life full of fruit and fulfillment
A new beginning for all.
Stand, arise for he will be present soon
Sing to the most high
I speak for all to hear

Ambassador of Enoch
Once more
Forever and peace
Hear ye, hear ye

June 18, 2012

Redemption is at hand
Alas, we shall be free
Remember times are here no more
Thou will be less likely to know
and see the previous world as you know it
New life will be sprung from the highest to all
The King, the one true King cometh from above
An archangel Enoch
I am Enoch. To bring peace to a world
that is lost. To bring love, unconditional love
Surrender your life to the most high and
peace shall come.
High hail to the King, most HIgh
I bring a message to teach all a new life.
The new world cometh. Sing today
It’s the day to sing
Hail to King.

Ambassador of Enoch
Forever and peace
Selah, Seal

The same theme resonates with these few channels, but the interesting thing is the inclusion of the word “selah” at the end of the last one. I believe the last word is also selah, but was autocorrected by the iPhone to seal. I wasn’t familiar with selah but its meaning is incredible. According to Wikipedia, it means something such as “pause, and think of that” in Hebrew. Now tell me how Ande would know to use that word? I don’t want to divulge any personal information on Ande, but I will say she is of an ethnicity that is very far removed from the Hebrew language. She was as astounded as I was when she looked up the meaning.

The other piece of this that is very interesting is the inclusion of the statement 12 s(eat) 3rd dimension for all to hear on the June 15 channel. Ande just put the letter s in the initial channel, but told me verbally that it sounded like “seat”. I personally don’t know what this means, but it could very well represent the 12th octave of the 3rd dimension.

Date Unknown:

It is glorious what I bring to thee
The pilgrims once came and now
its a new beginning for the new
Full of pleasant abundance and knowledge
that thou has not known
From beings who come from another
Sixth dimension far beyond your capacity
to comprehend but I am hear to teach and bring
messages that will enlightened
for as many who willing to receive.
Peace from above the High King
Sing with glory. I am the light and
will bring it to thee. Hail High.
A powerful being that I am.

Ambassador of Enoch

Forever and Peace

I am Enoch

June 19, 2012

On June 19, 2012 Ande again reached out to me to tell me that she received a channel that was meant for me. In her own words, “I have a message for you. It came to me twice. Once telepathic and second verbally, spoke through me. I was asked not to change anything.” She then said, “I asked who was sending me the messages. This is what I received: An archangel from above”.

Below is the channel:

He will be chosen to heal others
Stand fast, time will come
full of abundance
Soon to heal more than he perceived

Send to XXX XXX(my real name)

June 23, 2012

I bring a message
Do not doubt little one
I speak, so hear.
Be open to receive
I come to heal
Receive all that I bring
Feel my presence?
Receive, Receive

June 22, 2012

I conducted a second Reconnective Healing session on Ande on June 22, 2012. The session was scheduled for 30 minutes but ended after 8. Ande began to verbally channel during the session but it was very difficult to make out the words. I made note of the phrases, “we all have choices” and something about being true. There was also a point where Ande’s body was being contorted on the massage table in such a way that I was worried she’d be thrown off of the table. Ande reported feeling intense but not uncomfortable energy that started as soon as she closed her eyes. After Ande abruptly ended the session, she grabbed her copybook and a pencil and wrote this:

We all have choices to do what is right or wrong but to know what is true and pure follow me and know that I am the high king from above. Thou shall be no more ending, just beginning.

Alas, forever in peace Enoch

Watching her transcribe this was surreal. Ande is a woman and writes like a woman. Every letter is perfectly formed and aligned and the words are easily read. The way she wrote this was as if I entered her body and wrote it. My writing is nearly impossible for even me to read! In addition, the words were written very small in the beginning to very large at the end. The name Enoch was at least 5 times the size of the first line.

Prince Melchizedek Channel Via Ande – The Light of Transformation

When I last met with Ande, she asked me if I recognized a word that she received in channel but did not understand. The word? Melchizedek! Oh yes I did understand it. She’s received a few channels from “Prince Melchizedek”, this being the most recent:

What brings forth spring water? That is what you and all new beings of the light should do to transform to the new world.

Illuminate like a bright light. A sun to our world. Its about being, breathing, absorbing all good and wonderful around. As there is only good to
share among our brothers and sisters in the future. This transformation of the light will shine as bright as the stars in the universe. Count the
stars as they shine one by one at sunset. Millions, trillions a beauty so vast. We will shine like the stars in the new world. Its important the light
shines for transformation. Its a process that will happen to the chosen who are willing and open.

Prince Melchizedek

Here’s what’s interesting about this channel. The first line doesn’t make much sense. Why would Prince Melchizedek ask about spring water? Well, if you google that exact phrase, you end up with primarily links to Bible verses….this one caught my eye:

The page is for a Bible verse that is translated a bunch of different ways, one of which is:

And the LORD will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

This verse was incredibly relevant to me at that time.

  • And the LORD will guide you continually – I had recently come to the realization that you either rely on God/Source/The Universe to guide you or you don’t. If you don’t, you’re pretty much on your own. This message came to me loud and clear from another Melchizedek…..Drunvalo via one of his books.
  • make your bones strong – I had a nasty spill a previous night on my bike and escaped with only a scraped up forearm.
  • and you shall be like a watered garden – A previous day was all about planting things at my place… herb garden, trees, wildflowers
  • like a spring of water – Several conversations the same evening about water….that we’ve run out of spring water, etc.
  • whose waters do not fail – I just see this as an affirmation to coincide with the first few words…..and an affirmation based on a message I received via channel where mention was made of my body being weak, but that I’d get all the strength I need when I need it.

So with all of that, it caught my attention big time. Similar to the other channels, its hard to say exactly what it all means but it was yet another message delivered to Ande from a being that she couldn’t have possibly made up on her own. She had no idea what Melchizedek was and needless to say she was astounded when I explained this all to her.

I honestly do not know what the point of these messages was other than to provide validation to both Ande and I that this was all very real and shows me very clearly that the veil between the real and unreal worlds is becoming thinner and thinner with every passing day.

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    • Thanks! This is actually my first and has been up since February 2012. It’s definitely has not been effortless getting here as WordPress is quite tricky. I tried to keep it simple and clean. I’ll be happy to share what I’ve learned. Just let me know if you need any help. ~AJ

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