Atlantis – The Sequel?

Admittedly, I pay pretty close to zero attention to current events unless someone tells me something or I stumble upon it.  On that note, I was on Facebook when I saw someone make mention of the “thing in Colorado” and based on the comments it seemed as though I should go read about it.  The thing in Colorado was terrible by all accounts and I’m not here to comment on that any further.  What’s interesting is the trail of breadcrumbs I started to follow as a result and where it led me.

As I’m reading the Colorado shooting story on my iPhone, this story caught my eye at the bottom of the page:

My first thought was, “Cool!” but then I read further and got a sinking feeling in my stomach like I knew this couldn’t be good.  Why are they playing around with energy of this magnitude?

I’ll now give a little background on Atlantis just so we’re all on the same page.  You’ll have to just read what I’m writing here with a very open mind as I’m going to make a lot of points that you may not necessarily agree with or understand.  But all of the information I cite in this article is consistent with the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek and Thoth.  And if you’re Jewish and reading this……please don’t think I’m saying anything remotely derogatory about you.  I’m just stating what was already written about by Drunvalo as communicated by Thoth.  I left some stuff out of the story just to keep it brief.  By the way, that’s Thoth in the picture at the top.

Thoth’s account of the fall of Atlantis paraphrased and spruced up by me:

Sometime prior to 26,000 years ago – Two extraterrestrial races ended up on Earth, specifically on Atlantis….Hebrews….and Martians.  The rest of the people on Atlantis were descendants of Lemuria.  Collectively, they became the Atlanteans.

26,000 years ago – There was a minor pole shift which resulted in a part of Atlantis sinking into the ocean.  Everyone freaked out thinking it could happen again.

13,000 – 16,000 years ago – The Atlanteans got over the previous pole shift and then found that a comet was approaching Earth.  There was a bit of a tug of war of power between the Martians and the other Atlanteans.  The Martians wanted to use their LASER technology to blow it out of the sky, but the Lemurian descendants and Hebrews who were much more highly evolved spiritually felt that if the comet hit the Earth, that was what was supposed to happen.  In the end, they let the comet hit the Earth and it did destroy a sizable chunk of  their civilization.  Naturally, the Martians were pissed that they didn’t get their way.

Sometime after that – The Martians tried to use their technology to create a synthetic energy grid(Merkaba) around the Earth to control the Planet….but they failed.  It was not in harmony with the Universe and as a result, the grid of the Planet failed which triggered the ultimate falling of Atlantis, our loss of memory and our falling into the period of darkness that we’re currently trying to crawl out of.

What This Means Relative to the Article on

So now that we’re all on the same page with Atlantis, let’s look a little deeper at this article, the government agencies involved and what they say their goals are:

  • The National Nuclear Security Administration – There’s a long list of things on their mission statement, but in essence they manage the stockpile of nuclear weapons that we don’t need anymore and just deal with nuclear weapons in general.
  • The National Ignition Facility – They have three goals: 1 – National Defense, 2 – Energy for the Future, 3 – Understanding the Universe

Am I the only one who thinks those are 3 rather interesting goals.  National defense?  Sure.  Energy for the future?  No doubt.  Understanding the Universe?  A worthwhile cause….but under the direction of the National Ignition Facility who is under the direction of the National Nuclear Security Administration?  It takes a nuclear regulatory agency to oversee the understanding of the Universe?  And how does firing a bunch of lasers to obliterate an atom exactly help us understand the Universe?  It’s also interesting when you start looking at the politics of it all, how this effort really didn’t take shape until GWB was in office.  Also, one of the first things GWB and Obama did when they were elected as put their own guy in charge of these groups.  I’m not going to go too far down the conspiracy theory road, but this sure smells like another government agency tasked with doing more than they say they are doing.

Still working under the assumption that Drunvalo/Thoth’s story on the Martians is accurate, this is no different than the Martians messing with technology they had no business messing with back in Atlantis.  In their case, they went too far.  They had laser technology in their national defense arsenal.  They were trying to understand the Universe.  They were trying to take control of the whole Planet.  Of course no one is going to come out and say anyone is trying to take control of the Planet, but is that the craziest idea you’ve ever heard?  How many times in the last hundred years has a dictator come into power who sure seemed like they had their eyes on controlling the whole Planet?  And that’s just the last 100 years….

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