Sin……Redefined for the Present Day


Ultimate Sin Album CoverPerhaps its time to modernize the definition of “sin” to something a bit more relevant.  Everyone has a definition of what “sin” is and what they consider a sin.  There are many things universally regarded as “sins” and of course there’s quite a bit of grey area depending on your belief system or upbringing.  For instance, killing a person is a sin to most people but killing animals is ok as long as certain criteria is met.  I’m not here to preach or dump my beliefs on anyone.  What I am here to do is to open your mind to a different concept of sin and to make you think.

First off, let’s see what the mighty Wikipedia has to say about sin:

In Abrahamic contexts, “a sin” is an act that violates God’s will.[1][page needed][2][3][4] Sin can also be viewed as anything within a person that violates the ideal relationship between them and God.[5]

Some crimes are regarded as sins and some sins are regarded as greater than others. In this nuanced concept of sin, sins fall in a spectrum from least corrupt and evil to greatest evil.[citation needed] Catholicism regards the least corrupt sins as venial sins—which are part of human living and carry little divine consequence. Conversely, sins of great evil are mortal sins—which bring the dire consequence of mortal penalty.

Sins of careless living are considered destructive and lead to greater sins according to the Seven Deadly Sins. Another concept of sin deals with things that exist on Earth but not in Heaven. Food, for example, while a necessary good for the (health of the temporal) body, is not of (eternal) transcendental living and therefore its excessive savoring is considered a sin.[6]

Fair enough, right?  That’s how most people think of sin.  But naturally, you didn’t decide to read this story for that definition.

I read something interesting in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.  This book is a collection of messages delivered to the author by the Archangels Enoch and Metatron. In some cases, Enoch and Metatron are considered one being but that’s an unimportant detail for now.  The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch defines sin as:

Anything that prevents the living light of the infinite mind from being creatively recycled through the body vehicle.

or more simple put…..

the consciousness of having a talent and not using it for the benefit of mankind.

Think about that for a second.  Imagine what kind of a world we’d live in if everyone lived their life that way.  I’m not going to say that things would be better or worse if everyone lived like that.  Would the world be a wonderful place if every talented musician ran around killing people but creating endless streams of beautiful music?  Doubtful.  But think about your own life and how different you’d be living if you followed this simple rule 100% of the time.

How many of you have a gift for writing but never share it with anyone?  How many can paint or draw but only do so for your own amusement?  How many brilliant minded people become doctors but then spend 40 years of their life making decisions based on the pharmaceutical brand of the month of how much is covered by a patient’s insurance?  How many visionary leaders focus the majority of their energy on pumping up their own ego rather than leading people into the light?  You can see where I’m going with this and hopefully you can also see just how far this thought process is from our current reality.

The thing to remember in all of this is the part about using it for the benefit of mankind.  Many people do find their talent and figure out how to use it and share it with others.  But how many use it for the benefit of mankind?  How many even know whether they are doing something for the benefit of mankind?

Many think that when we die we will stand before God and have to answer for our sins.  We’ll have to explain why we dropped acid in college, why we cursed so much or why we had sex before marriage.  But what if God just looked at you and asked why you didn’t use your talents for the benefit of mankind?  D’oh!

*original image credit to and in case you’re wondering, the doctor who did the work on the blonde’s “personalities” clearly was doing so for the benefit of mankind……

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