Triple Numbers and Why They Appear

photo triple numbers

Find out what the Universe is telling you when you see triple numbers appear in your life.

555…….good omen?  666……bad omen?  Have you ever been sitting in traffic and looked at the car in front of you and noticed a 222 on the license plate?  Or you go to pay for your lunch and the total is $9.99.  Or you wake up inexplicably at 3:33 AM with a seemingly random thought in your head?  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But you wouldn’t be reading this far if you thought that.  Now would you?

There are a few schools of thought as to what the different triple numbers combinations mean.  Personally, I subscribe to the Drunvalo Melchizedek explanation as that is the one that I was clearly guided to.  I was intrigued by the topic and then as if it was perfectly scripted for me, Drunvalo appeared in the form of a video Q&A on Facebook.  I’ve included a link to the video at the bottom and I definitely recommend that you watch it.  I’ve also included my summary of the subject matter below.

I was reading The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.  It’s a dense and heavy read and not for the faint of heart.  On page 57, there’s mention of 666, 777 and 888.  Everyone knows that 666 is a rather ominous number and most say its the number of the beast or the devil.  The Keys of Enoch kind of explains it, but still left me with a bit of confusion.  It mentions the physical universe being controlled by the force fields of 666 where the pure thoughts of the masters work in 777 and the “God number” is 888.  So it’s sort of a progression.  We are at 666 working with masters in 777 to try to get to 888.  Get it?  Nah me neither.  But Drunvalo explains it in a much clearer manner.

In essence, triple numbers are signs.  He mentions that indigenous people usually look for signs in multiples of 3.  The other thing he mentions is how letters can be represented as numbers with A being 1, B being 2 and so on until the letter I is 9 and then it starts all over with J being 1.  So if you see 4M4 on a license plate it’s like seeing 444 but he says that part of the message is hidden by the M not being the number 4.

When you watch the video, keep in mind that this information is not just about the subject matter.  You’re getting information on many different levels when you’re watching Drunvalo speak.  It’s not entirely what he’s saying, but a combination of what he’s saying and the vibration of how he’s saying it.  Don’t be surprised if a few minutes, hours or days after watching, you have a moment where you say, “I get it!”

The biggest key in all of this is to take note of what you’re thinking about when these numbers pop into your life.  Then with that thought in mind, consult my handy chart and unlock all the answers you need.

111 – Energy flowing.  He says it could be money, electricity, sexual energy.  I take it as just a number to raise one’s awareness to something.  If 111 pops up, its just to wake you up to recognize some sort of energy flowing.

222 –  Beginning of a new cycle.  The next triple number you encounter after this will give you more information as to what that new cycle represents or where you’re at in that cycle.  Remember though, its about what you’re thinking when the number appears.

333 – A decision needs to be made.  Once again, your decision is likely something to do with whatever you were thinking about.  It gets really interesting from here.  A decision will lead to either 666 or 999.  666 means your decision was out of harmony and you’ll need to try again.  999 is completion and harmony.  So take note of 333s as decisions and then see whether you encounter a 666 or 999 and it will tell you whether Mother Earth and Father Sun are in support of your decision.

444 – This represents the ancient mystery schools.  Drunvalo says that this is normally when you are starting to become aware of your spirituality.  You might be reading books or randomly finding people to help you on your path.  But the 444 shows that you’ve sort of been admitted to a mystery school.

555 – Actually the highest number in that it represents completion of the mystery school.  It represents Christ consciousness, unity and perfection.  Isn’t it interesting how 555 is always used in movie phone numbers mainly because no real phone numbers start with 555?  555 also relates to WWW which I find rather interesting.  What I’ve found is that 5:55 whether in the morning or in the evening is an incredibly powerful time.  Read about one such instance here.

666 – Simply put this represents the material world.  Drunvalo explains it as carbon has 6 electrons, 6 neutrons and 6 protons.  I’ll take his word for that, but it makes sense.  But really 666 is in fact a warning.  Seeing it twice is a major warning or telling you that you are not making the right decision.

777 – This is another of the mystery school numbers but this one is seen as further along than the 444.  It’s like the part where you aren’t just absorbing a bunch of things but rather you’re putting it all together and starting to practice it.  While this doesn’t numerically make sense 777 completes itself at 555.

888 – This is the completion of 444.  So if you find yourself with a 444 and in the “mystery school”, it’s like 888 tells you when you graduated.

999 – This completes 222 and 333.  If you saw 222s indicating a new cycle and then make a decision at 333, then the 999 you see tells you that you’re done with that.  It’s a completion number.

000 – Means nothing at all.

From my perspective, Drunvalo has never steered me off course so I take his information very seriously.  His information always hits me at the exact time when I need it.  So my feeling is that this video was delivered to me at the perfect time.  In the video, he starts the triple numbers discussion at the 3 minute mark but the crystal discussion at the beginning is just as fascinating.

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  1. Hello, I have seen triple numbers before and have always acknlowged the triple numbers, but on June 11, 2012 i experiance something really unusally, i hope you can help me fiqure this out, these numbers apperaed in about a 7 hour time span. It went like this 111, 555, 222, 888, 000, 777, 444, 999, 222 can you help me understand this and its meaning.

    • Hi Sherry and thank you for the comment. It sure seems like the Universe is trying to tell you something, but I’d have to get some more details from you before I try to unravel this mystery. If you’re interested, please email me and we can communicate that way to see if I can help further. Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to post a comment.

    • I have experienced the same thing, saw 111, 222, 333, 444, 555,777,888 and 999 the same day. But almost all of the time i see 444, after reading about it and finding its meaning, then i started seeing other triple pattern numbers.

  2. I have seen the Drunvalo video before and found it so interesting how he explained triple numbers. I been seeing triple numbers for years and I always knew there was a significance with them but I never knew how to decipher them. Thank you so much for the cheat sheet. I will now have this as a reference wherever I go 🙂 Love and Light to you and I wish you well on your soul’s journey~Julie.

  3. At first im really confused and bothered to see 444 very often, because i dont know its meaning. But after reading some articles about it, somehow i felt at peace that my angel is communicating to me.

  4. Wonderful article. I have been encountering 777 and 888 as of late.

  5. Im experiencing this thing where every time i see the time, whether its on my phone or on the computer… Its always triple digits.

  6. Love this, thanks for posting! I see number sequences ALLLL the time

  7. I have been experiencing numbers in threes and want to know the true meaning, mostly 444,333, 222, 111, 555

  8. I’m really at my wits end now. I have been seeing triple numbers 666 for quite a long time now and it has become more frequent even recently. I do not know what the universe is trying to tell me. I have really tried to understand it but have difficulty doing so. I’m really worried now having watched the video. I also sometimes see 999, 888 and 777 but the frequency of 666 is really alarming me now.

    • Don’t be worried necessarily. It’s just that now that you’ve read this and watched the video, you’ll be more tuned in to what they are telling you.

      In my experience it’s more a matter of them conveying that I either made the wrong decision or am leaning towards the wrong decision.

      The next time one does appear, just take note of what you were thinking about. I’ll bet that you can figure it out from there.

  9. Greetings.
    For 3 Months I have been waking up at 3:33 5:55..I have this deep need to connect spiritually..I hear buzzing in my ear…my sense of smell is heightened..I feel better when water..I see colors floating above it’s driving me mad but peaceful but to top it off everywhere i look i see 444 888 999 777…Help what does it all mean.

  10. Reblogged this on I'm So Random.

  11. So glad I found this.
    I am not very good on the signs and all but it has been the few month that I constant see 1111,444, but lately I see 777 or 7777 few times a day or every day at a least.
    Also I find the Change not every day but almost every other day. It either penny, dime or quarters.

    Hope you I’ll explain what does the universe is trying to tell me.

    Manny thanks.

  12. Please help me because the last couple of weeks I have been seeing triple numbers every where. The go from 000 to 999, I really want to understand as to why I am experiencing this.

  13. Hi.. for almost 6 years i have seen the recurring number 7:13.. daily sometimes more than once.. ironically my birthday is July 13.. 7:13.. any idea what this means? Everytime i see it i stop and ask myself.. why? And try to say a little prayer. Any help at all would be appreciated, thank you!!

    • Hey! I am in a quite similar situation. I see 18:12 on the clocks, gadgets, ransport and etc. And I have even found a person who also sees these numbers.
      I haven’t found any good explanations of this in the internet, but for sure it’s kinda a sign, idk

  14. I have a step niece that is constantly seeing 8:52….. that is the first 3 digits of my deceased Mom’s phone number. She thinks it’s my Mom contacting her. Could this be what it is?

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