The Importance of the Vernal(Spring) Equinox

I found an article today as I was preparing for my own Vernal Equinox observance and it motivated me to write this.  Whether you believe in these things or not is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that any change of season is not be ignored.  Depending on where you live, the Equinox could be on Monday or Tuesday.  In California it is 10:14 PM on Monday, March 19.

Over the last few days I’ve read quite a bit about different ways to observe the Equinox.  My belief is that there’s no need to over-complicate anything in life.  Spring is about new beginnings and new life.  You come out of the harsh cold winter and you’re greeted by warmer temperatures, flowers blooming and hint of Summer in the air.  In Astrology, the Zodiac starts on the first day of Spring by moving into the sign of Aries.  Aries is a fire sign and cardinal(starter) energy.  It follows the dreamy sign of Pisces and is all about moving forward.  The Persians celebrate this time as the beginning of their year.  The Christians celebrate Easter, which I’d argue is a more profound milestone than Christmas when you consider that the entire Christian belief system is around how to get to Heaven.

In my case, I’m going to just do a quick little energetic clearing of my home and an energetic inventory of myself.  I’m going to make a list of everything that is holding me back that needs to go.  This could be past relationships, lower vibration thoughts, doubts, whatever.  Leading up to the time of the Equinox I’ll go through all of these things and ask God, the Universe, the Supreme Being, Gaia, my spirit guides…..whatever name you want to give the divine… take these things that are holding me back and file them away.  You can’t erase everything, but you can file them away outside of your space.  That way if you ever need a reminder of where you came from or your past limitations or mistakes, they are still there.  But they aren’t in your present time.  I’m embracing this Equinox as a time for a rebirth.  It’s time to make space for the right things in my life.

Shortly after the Equinox, I’ll “plant the seeds” for the things that I will have in my life.  It’s also worth noting that the perfect time to plant those seeds is from the time of the Equinox through the New Moon later in the week.  Clear some space, plant the seeds, then let the new Moon take them and manifest them for you.  Maybe I should write an article about the significance of the Moon while I’m at it…..

These may just be symbolic gestures, but who really cares?  Aren’t we surrounded by symbolic gestures everywhere we look?  How about that quick kiss that you give your loved one when you leave in the morning?  I’d venture to say most people aren’t pouring their whole heart and soul into that symbolic gesture.

Pour your heart and soul into recognizing the significance of the change of seasons.  It’s Spring of 2012 and it doesn’t get any more significant than this!

Without further ado, below is the article I mentioned.  It just talks about some of the historical/mythological(depending on your belief system) relevance behind the Vernal Equinox.  Enjoy!

Ostara,(O-STAR-ah), also known as Eostre by the Saxons, is the teutonic Goddess of spring and the dawn. Her festivals are known as Ostara, Eostre’s Day, Alban Eilir, Festival of the Trees, and Lady Day. The festival begins on or around the Vernal Equinox, and depending on the traditon can last several days.

At this time, the egg laying instinct in some birds, most notably chickens, is triggered by the lengthening of the day and marks the beginning of Spring. The hunting of these first eggs of spring by our hungry ancestors is what eventually gave rise to the game of egg hunting, still played around the world. The beginning of Spring also marks the beginning of rabbit mating season. The antics of male rabbits vying for the favor of females while fighting off competing suitors coupled with their prolific mating habbits gave rise to the Rabbit as not only being a symbol for Eostre, but a powerful symbol of fertility in general.

Many of the symbols of the contemporary holiday of Easter come from pagan tales of the Goddess Eostre. One such tells of a hare who of all the creatures of the forest had forgotton to make a gift for the Goddess on the day of her festival. Desperately seeking something to give her, he happened upon an abandoned nest in which lay the first egg of the season. The hare took the egg and colored it with the nectar of the season’s first flowers and then rushed to the festival and presented the egg to the Goddess. She was so amused and touched by the Hare’s gift that she blessed him on the spot, and ever after he was her constant companion.

On this day we celebrate the triumph of day over night as the sunlit hours begin to outnumber the dark. We rejoice in the awakening of the earth around us, decorating our altars with bright colors and and the first flowers of the season. Many traditions mark the beginning of this season with a fast to cleanse any toxins or negative energies from their bodies, breaking their fast only with the first foods of the season. Now is the perfect time for any magick dealing with cleansing, awakening, and new beginnings.

The God and the Goddess rejoice in awakening of the world. Nature turns her energies to regeneration and procreation mirroring the play between child God and Goddess as it evolves, giving rise to deeper passoins. The maturing God now begins courtship in earnest of his beautiful Maiden Goddess.

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