The New Rules of Nutrition

QP_AMlaPRecently, the whole notion of high vibration activities and high vibration people has sort of consumed me.  I find myself every day thinking about the vibration of places, people and things.  It got me thinking….what about the vibration of food?  I’m sure there are no shortage of authorities out there on this subject.  And like anything with nutrition, you can probably either convince yourself that anything is healthy or anything is unhealthy depending on how much you read.  I’m going to make my idea very simple, at least I think so.

Here are my new rules of nutrition.  I didn’t say they are everyone’s new rules, but they are mine and you may use them as you see fit.

Forget about calories, fat, carbs or any of the “stats” associated with food

Think about sports for a second.  In a football game, you can slice and dice the stats any way you want.  But in the end, all that matters is who wins and who loses, right?  And how often does one team dominate the stats sheet only to lose the game?  How do you win the nutrition game?  This is how I answer that:

1 – Did I enjoy eating it?

2 – Do I feel full but not bloated after eating it?

3 – Can I maintain the body I want by eating it?

Oh if it were only that simple, right?  Finding foods you enjoy eating and things that will fill you up is easy.  But that last one about maintaining your body is a tough one.  So, let’s get a little deeper here.

Eat lots of Fruits, Vegetables, Beans and Nuts

When was the last time you met a fat guy and he said, “I eat a ton of fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts”?  I don’t care if nuts have high fat or if fruits have high sugar.  It’s unimportant.  Remember, these are MY rules.

This last one is really the crux of this article and requires you to think a little bit.

Eat High Vibration Foods

How do you know what a high vibration food is?  There are lots of ways I’d answer that but I’ll start with a story that opened my eyes to this concept.   A woman I worked with once offered me a cookie.  It looked delicious, but I could tell it was a formed glob of butter and fat just waiting to clog my arteries.  Jokingly, I asked if they were healthy and her response was, “They were made with love, so yes they are healthy“.  Of course if you put it in front of a nutritionist, they’d tell you how many calories and how much fat was in it.  But personally, the fact that she instilled love in those cookies is enough for me to eat it without any guilt.

Don’t go off thinking that all cookies have love in them.  You think there’s any love in a cookie that was made on an assembly line in a factory in Wisconsin?  You’re talking about a science experiment poured into machinery that probably took a job away from somebody.  The person operating the machine may take pride in their job, but it’s their JOB to crank out cookies and not instill them with love.  And even if they did, no love went into the unpronounceable list of ingredients.  Not to mention, think of all the low vibration things that went into that entire process.  Things like the egos that need to be maintained in a large company, the corners that have to be cut to make the margins, etc.  No love.  Period.

The above example uses a cookie, but it could be anything.  Love will only get you so far right?  How about ingredients?  Here’s another rather easy way to look at it.  Look at the food you’re about to eat and see if you can picture where every ingredient came from.  If you look at the food you’re eating and you picture a bunch of scientists in lab coats mixing around powders and unknown fluids in test tubes, wrong answer.  You might not know where everything came from, but use common sense.

The other aspect of it is the preparation.  When you talk to a a good Chef, they don’t just cook a dish, they create it.  They instill love in the food they create.  I believe that a good Chef can raise the vibration of their food even if there are some lower vibration aspects to it.  They can put their intention in a dish that they want the customer to have a wonderful experience.  If their intention is to get as much money as they can, they are robbing it of its vibration.

Depending on how in tune you are with energy and your intuition, you might find this hard to grasp.  Personally, I think its easy.  I can read energy on pretty much anything.  I do eat my share of low vibration foods.  But the vast majority of what I put in my body falls under these rules.

So there you have it.  Forget about your silly food pyramid, counting calories, guilt and all of the other negative aspects of nutrition.  Eat what you love, just make sure love is in the list of ingredients.  

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  1. Nice job! I’ve never thought about it but you’re right! Although I hate to think that it means cooking for me.

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