5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Today

Albert-Einstein-EnergyThe concept of vibration is a little complicated to explain without turning this into an entire post about it.  I’ll try to put it into very simple terms that someone who has never heard of such a thing can understand.  I equate a person’s vibration to their general sense of well being.  Feeling good?  You’re operating at a higher vibration.  In a rut?  Lower vibration.  For instance, people that are generally happy, positive and kind are at a higher vibration than those that are depressed, negative and angry.  There’s much more to it than that, but that’s a very basic way of explaining it.

A friend of mine named Bill McKenna wrote a great book called “The Only Lesson”.  It’s another one of my quick read, highly recommended books.  Bill’s story is amazing, he’s a very good story teller and his message makes perfect sense.  He basically says that everything derives from one of two emotions, either love or fear.  Love = high vibration.  Fear = low vibration.  Positive and negative.  By the way, you can buy Bill’s book for ten measly bucks on Amazon.

Here’s the interesting thing.  If you even have an awareness of your own vibration, then chances are you are already operating at a higher one.  People that tend to be negative and angry don’t even realize they are negative and angry.  They think its normal.  But people that are generally happy and positive……they can step back and say, “what the heck is wrong with me”?  I’ve learned to notice when I’m swaying towards the lower side.  I decided to write about a few things I’ve done recently that have helped me get moving in the right direction.  Give one of these a try the next time you acknowledge you’re in a rut and need to raise your vibration.

You might have read some of my other stories and know that I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  I’m very lucky.  I can see the Ocean, experience wildlife in its natural habitat, climb a mountain, watch the Sun set.  But you don’t have to live where I do to raise your vibration.  Some of the most illuminated people to ever walk the Earth have lived in places that lack the things that I have at my fingertips.

The first one I’m going to give you is pretty obvious but how often do you think of this?  Get yourself around the right people.  Today was a great example for me.  I took a longer nap than I wanted and woke up feeling extremely groggy and unmotivated.  I finally decided to just get my ass out of bed and go to my favorite coffee shop.  Sure, coffee would wake me up, but the real reason I went was to spend 5 minutes chatting with the owner.  The guy gives off such incredible positive energy, you walk away feeling like a new person.  We don’t talk about anything of major substance.  But he ALWAYS leaves me feeling more energized when I leave than when I walk in.  Think about it.  There’s someone that you know that has that effect on you.  Don’t be afraid to call on them when you need them.  But be careful.  There could be someone in your life who you think helps raise your vibration, but all they really do is lower it.  Just take a step back and ask whether you always feel better about yourself after you see or talk to this person.  And don’t rely on electronic communication.  Physically see the person or talk to them on the phone.  Unless the person is a powerful healer, you won’t get the healing energy from them via text, email or Facebook.

Another one that I’d say anyone can do is to be around animals.  Again, I’m fortunate.  I can go see newborn seal pups playing with their Mom in the water.  But sometimes, all it takes is playing with a dog for a few minutes.  I’ve been out on a walk and encountered someone walking a dog.  Dogs are very social and will rarely turn down a chance to play.  Just the act of petting a dog for a few moments will do wonders for you.  Dogs are totally present and in the moment.  They don’t plan or over-think things.  They are just doing what comes natural.  Their energy is contagious and you find yourself forgetting about the things that were so important to you before you started playing with them.  Not a dog person?  I’m really not either.  I’m not saying go get a dog.  Just be around them.  Go find a dog park and just hang out.  You don’t have to feed them, clean up after them or do anything other than be around them.

The next one is a scary one and I’m sure people will cringe when I say this.  Go for a walk and leave your cell phone, iPod and anything else remotely electronic at home or in the car.  Don’t be afraid.  Remember, we used to do this every single day!  It’s incredibly empowering.  Some people are better than others at ignoring their phone but when its with you, you know its there and it takes you from the present.  Drive somewhere more peaceful than where you are.  Find a park or an athletic field of some sort if you’re not lucky enough to have a beach or mountain nearby.  Just walk and listen.  This is a great one for a lunch break at work.  My close friends know that every day I’d leave the office at lunch and drive to the park.  Most days I’d just eat my lunch in the car and then take a walk.  There was nothing special about the parks I’d go to either.

I realize this next one can’t always be done spur of the moment and can’t be done everywhere, but I’d say most people can figure out somewhere they can go to do this.  On a clear evening, go somewhere away from the city lights and as high up as you can get and just watch the stars come out after Sunset.  You may know nothing about the stars, constellations and planets, nor do you need to.  But as you see them pop up one by one until the sky is covered, just try to contemplate how vast the Universe is.  Every star is possibly a Sun like ours.  And every star can have planets like ours.  And you’re only seeing a very small fraction of the stars that are out there.  Try to put that in perspective.  That kind of thought alone will raise your vibration.  You’ll walk away feeling renewed and much more connected to everything.  And if you can do this at higher elevation, it is even more profound.  Some of my most enlightened moments have come while I’m stargazing.

The last one is something literally anybody can do.  Listen to classical music.  You don’t need to do this constantly.  Just do it for 15 minutes.  Regardless of the type of music you enjoy listening to, go to Pandora and create a station with just Beethoven.  If you’re not familiar with Pandora……where have you been?  Just kidding.  It’s a free internet music service.  You put in an artist’s name and it creates a virtual channel with music similar to that artist.   By putting in Beethoven, it doesn’t mean that all you’ll hear is Beethoven.  But you’ll hear nothing but very rich, very beautiful classical music.  There are no words, just music.  Try it and then try to tell me it didn’t put you in a different mental state.  It’s also a wonderful trick if you need to focus on something.  I just wrote this whole story while listening to my Beethoven station.  If you’re already familiar with classical music, then you can substitute any composer you want.  I just use Beethoven.

I know there’s nothing in this post that could be considered rocket science.  But ask yourself…..when was the last time you were consciously aware of your own vibration and the fact that you needed to raise it?  Did you do anything about it?  The worst case scenario is when people turn to alcohol or drugs to feel “better”.  They aren’t raising their vibration.  They are temporarily stopping it!  In some cases, they may be lowering it.  The way I see it is that I want to acknowledge when I’m not vibrating at an optimum level and I want to do something about it.  There are tons of different ways that you can elevate your vibration.  I meditate, I run, I workout, I surf.  But not everybody is comfortable doing those things.  These 5 are things that anybody can do, pretty much anywhere with no money.  What are you waiting for?  

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  1. Great post! Nice reminder of the simple, little things we can do to raise our vibrations and get back in touch with our True Selves.

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