The Watery First Weekend of March – Astrologically Speaking

photo waves breaking against shore

The big story leading up to the first weekend in March is the weather in the United States. Much of the country is bracing for another cold front while the West is gearing up for the first significant rainfall in what seems like years. I had no idea that rain was headed to California until someone told me about it earlier in the week. At first I was a bit disappointed as it forced me to completely change my weekend plans. But when I had a chance to look at the Astrology of the upcoming weekend(week actually), it didn’t surprise me.

Planets change signs and interact with each other all of the time. It’s rare that we go through a week without something happening astrologically. I’m not one to base my life on what the Planets are doing or whether Mercury is retrograde or not. But this upcoming week, from Friday, February 28 through Thursday, March 6 is very interesting. I’m sure there are 6 day periods in the past that rivaled this upcoming cycle but I can tell you that it hasn’t happened since 2011, the year I started paying attention to Astrology.

It’s most important to just recognize that a lot of powerful energy is moving around us now. It’s not necessarily bad or good….it just is. If you feel a little off, or your plans go awry, like mine did….just take it in stride and adjust as you see fit. But also recognize that this is a good time to tune in. The Sun is in Pisces right now and Pisces is the most spiritual of signs. Expect the Universe to talk to you. Above all else, I’d say this is not the time to be trying to force things or figure things out. If faced with a problem or situation, let your intuition guide you and go with the flow. Pray, meditate….do whatever you do to shut off your rational mind and let the answer arrive when it is supposed to arrive.

3/3 Update: I got a little test from the Universe after writing this.  Read about it HERE.

Probably the biggest thing you should note is that there is a New Moon on Saturday, March 1 at EXACTLY Midnight PST in Pisces. I wrote an article about the last New Moon that summarizes what this means. Between now and Saturday, we are in the Moon’s Balsamic Phase so use your intention accordingly.

Beyond that, I’d recommend not getting too hung up on every little detail. But since I figured out every little detail, I’ll share the rest of this with you now. This is mainly written for the astrology geeks like me. If you start glazing over, just stop reading.

The Details

  • Friday, February 28 – Mercury comes out of retrograde in Aquarius
  • Saturday, March 1 – New Moon in Pisces at Midnight PST
  • Saturday, March 1 – Mars goes retrograde in Libra
  • Sunday, March 2 – Saturn goes retrograde in Scorpio
  • Wednesday, March 5 – Venus moves into Aquarius
  • Thursday, March 6 – Jupiter comes out of retrograde in Cancer

Venus changes signs about every month and New Moons happen every month so in themselves, they are not rare events. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times a year as well so that’s not the most uncommon event either. What is rare is the number of Planets either going retrograde or coming out of retrograde. Since 2011, there has not been a time period this tight(6 days) where 4 have occurred. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter individually only go retrograde 1-2 times a year. The fact that its all happening in the next week is pretty rare.

The tightest window I can find where 4 Planets went in or came out of retrograde is 6/25/12 to 7/14/12. Try to think back to what was going on in your life at that time and I’ll bet there was something significant that occurred in that span of time. And that was a 3 week period. This one happens in 6 days!

The other thing worth mentioning is that these are all inner or “personal” Planets changing signs. This cycle isn’t about widespread humanity change. I’d expect people to notice more on an individual level. Every one of the inner Planets(except Earth) is doing something in this 6 day period and none of the outer Planets is doing anything.

Follow the Signs

The other interesting aspect of all of the activity of the upcoming week is the signs. Mercury was in Pisces when it went retrograde and then moved back into Aquarius. Now its coming out of retrograde still in Aquarius. Aquarius is the “water bearer”. Fitting, huh?

The New Moon in Pisces is no surprise as it always happens around this time. But how about the fact that its in the wateriest of the water signs and happening exactly at midnight on the West Coast? Is it shocking that the rain is finally arriving? The forecasts I’ve seen say that Friday night and Saturday are the time when the most rain will fall.

The three other Planets moving in or out of retrograde are also doing so in very powerful signs: Scorpio, Libra and Cancer. I don’t think there’s a person out there who has dabbled in Astrology who would disagree with this statement: Scorpio is an intense sign. It’s not the same for every Scorpio, but there’s an aspect of every single Scorpio person on Earth that has a level of intensity to it. Scorpio is intense. Enough said.

But many people don’t realize that Libra and Cancer are significant as well. Both are called Cardinal signs in that they initiate change. Cancer is the sign that the Sun moves into to bring about Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Libra brings about the Fall. Of course it is opposite in the Southern Hemisphere.

Lastly, I’ll just point out at that all of these signs are either air or water. Whatever part of the United States you are in, air and water are VERY relevant this weekend.

The next time period on my Astrological radar is from mid to the end of April. It’s a different period in that its all about the interactions of the Planets in Cardinal signs, but it should be interesting to see how that all plays out.

Wrapping up, if you’ve stayed with me through all of this….do what you gotta do to turn your rational mind off for the next week or so. Let your intuition and synchronicity guide you and embrace the magic.

*The photo at the top really has nothing to do with this article, other than the Cormorants and Sea Lions were trying to get to higher ground to avoid the oncoming rush of water; which I guess is somewhat relevant.

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