Spider Omens

photo spider omen

You might want to think twice before you set out to kill that spider that you see on your wall.  He didn’t come into your house to harm you, but rather to give you a message.

The poem that I’ve included below titled, “Hitch a Ride” is about my epic encounter with a spider just like the one in the photo.  I had three noteworthy encounters with this type of spider in a relatively short period of time.  I ended up killing the first one purely by accident.  I felt something crawl up my side under my shirt and instinctively I swatted at it.  I felt a little pinch and when I took my shirt off, there was a dead spider inside and a little red bump on my skin.  I wasn’t worried that he was poisonous and I’ve never had a reaction to any kind of bite.  My first reaction was actually to email one of my friends who I knew could tell me what a spider omen means.  I was most concerned with the fact that I killed him and wanted to make sure I didn’t inherit some kind of bad karma for doing so.  She asked me about my intention and whether I wanted to kill him.  Absolutely not!  It was just a nervous reaction.  In that case, she said to energetically thank the spider for letting me take part in his transition to his next lifetime.   For some reason, it was important for me to be there to do this for him.

The second one was on the comforter on my bed.  I saw something dark and reached thinking it was a piece of fuzz.  He scurried away and I did not want him to disappear.  But of course he did.  I methodically undressed the bed, pulled the mattress off and searched for him.  He was nowhere to be found.  I realized that there was absolutely no way I could sleep in that bed knowing there was a spider somewhere in it.  I pulled up a chair and literally pleaded with the spider for an hour, at first threatening him to “come out or else!”  Finally, I changed my intention and genuinely wanted him to come out so I didn’t accidentally kill him.  It wasn’t long before I saw him scamper across the carpet, trapped him inside a container and let him loose off my balcony to the bushes below.

The third one was relatively uneventful.  I saw him on top of my blinds and he was kind enough to pose for a few photos and then make his way down to a spot where I could trap him and return him outside.  I always feel good when I do something like this.

Seeing a spider is an omen of creativity and manifestation.  You should be thankful when one arrives in your space and not just go directly to kill it.  Otherwise, you’re basically inheriting the karma of killing your own creativity and manifestation ability.  It’s all about intention.  If your intention is to kill the spider, you can expect that you’ll inherit some bad karma for doing so.  I’d say that is the case for killing any living creature out of pure convenience.  Imagine if animals decided to kill people just for the heck of it.

This is the first Animal Omens article I wrote, but there are many other where I delve much deeper into the topic of Animal Omens.  For starters, check out:

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And lastly, here’s the poem that tells the story of my epic spider encounter.

Hitch a Ride

One minute relaxing inside my home
The next hitch a ride beyond the unknown
A foreign land of white and warm
Different than what I recall from norm
A calm soft place of safe and dark
But eerie in its plain and stark

Revealed and chased within an inch of life
What did I do to deserve this strife?

Keep quiet and don’t even let go of a breath
Terrified as he vows my untimely death
Praying for mercy from my determined hunter
Anticipate his next move and wait for a blunder

Desperate pleas and negotiation
Triggered by what motivation?
I’m not giving in to certain annihilation

Sensing my freedom I make a break for the gate
Spotted now I run to avoid my doomed fate
Missing my chance; a second too late

Trapped, captured and whisked away
Surely my time to die I say
I close my eyes and hope its quick
Can’t believe I fell for his trick

Falling forever, death is sublime
Just like they say an absence of time
As I open my eyes to my new life eternal
I hope I see heaven and not the infernal

This has to be the place; looks like I’m in luck
No devil or fire or purgatory stuck
Shouldn’t there be some sort of greeter?
Grandpop, Mom or even Saint Peter?

No time to worry about what I can’t comprehend
God might change his mind if I somehow offend

Who cares if this is death or just lucid dreaming?
Perhaps I was just granted another chance at living


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